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  1. heard a raw and chrome version will be available to the public. going be hard between these and the new TM proto 730 mb
  2. got the m1 not the cc model tho. i like the aluminum face. it's soft feel with good feed back. does has like a click but i like that
  3. soft feel, rolls end over end once at impact and holds its line. feedback on mid center hits. design and weight. small blade or mid mallet is wat i prefer. if solid shallow milled grind or deep milled face. i can do insert but has to feel soft and rolls like milled face putter nice soft steel.
  4. I was gaming the rors B201 since it came out and was using the proto 006. bought the red day putter one afternoon and took it out too the practice greens the next day. after putting with it for an hour, i notice the black face started to chip. so i took it back and got store credit and order a newport m1. wish i did sooner
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