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  1. As luck would have it, the glove came in a day late so I didn't get to test on my golf trip this past weekend. However, I wanted to give my first impression Me and my buddy Bear liked the packaging, it was nothing overly special or eye grabbing. It was sufficient in my opinion to give you a good idea of some of the features Bridgestone is touting. I removed the glove from the package and it was very soft as promoted. I immediately was drawn to the mesh on the back. I think I am going to like that and I think in the summer it will be nice to keep the hand a little cooler. I have had gloves with mesh in the fingers and I did not like that but this design will be new to me. Unfortunately, the hot weather is long gone in Ohio but we shall see.... I then proceeded to put the glove on. I normally use a large cadet, this glove was a large regular. I must say this glove is sized small. My mitt filled it up and then some. The finger length was perfect as a regular and not a cadet. I had trouble getting the velcro closure to match up completely. This is not a real problem but it could lead to some returns for those that might buy a glove without trying it on. I flexed my hand and the mesh had a nice give to it. I really liked the cut out at the bottom of the back of the glove. This is nice for the top of the back swing. The glove felt pretty normal to me in terms of tackiness but I must say, this glove is buttery soft. I just hope it holds up! In closing, my first impression of this glove is good but I am not overwhelmed. I don't know when I will play again but I am hoping I will love this mesh back design. Stay tuned.
  2. I am in, I am always looking for a glove that I don't wear the palm out after a few rounds!!
  3. Review After the initial excitement of receiving my Cobra Fly Z fairway wood, I had to wait several days to test it. I have not played any Cobra products before and I don't have any friends that I can recall that still play Cobra products. In the past I have hit Cobra irons and found them to be very user friendly. So, I was very interested to see how this fairway wood would match up to my beloved Titleist 910 three wood. My hope is that I will find a new three wood that I can depend on from the tee and that I can get that old distance back from hitting it off the deck. Off we go…… Range performance: Like a Dickens Novel I went to my local driving range and got a large bucket of balls. After my warm up I decided to start by teeing some balls up and seeing what I have. I use oversized grips on all my clubs so my initial reaction to the club has to be tempered since I have a standard grip on this baby. Beyond the grip, the first thing I felt was a very balanced club and my practice swings felt good. I must admit, I was very pleased with my drives with this club. I tend to draw the ball naturally and the Cobra, for the most part, was ram rod straight. The shaft, I got the stiff shaft, was very good and firm. However, for me, the best part was the trajectory and the roll I got. I tend to hit the ball on a high flight plane but this club gave me a lower trajectory and thus I got not only great distance but enhanced roll. Overall, I give this club a 95 out of 100 off the tee at the range. Next I started to hit a few off the deck and the results were not so good. My range has decent lies, maybe a little on the tight side and I had trouble getting this dude to hit the ball in the air. After three attempts with shoddy results, I got the tool out of the bag and bumped the loft up one degree. This change helped but I still was not making great contact. I decided to hold judgement until I got more comfortable. Bottom line, from the range, it was the best of times (off the tee) and the worst of times (off the deck). Charles Dickens would be proud Course Perfomance. I am in a golf league and like most leagues, it is full of trash talkers. As we waited to play, I brought the Fly Z out for the boys to inspect and to get their comments. The guys loved the look and the adjustment ability but to them, if it isn't Calloway, Titleist or Taylormade it must suckJ. The first hole we play is a 520 yard uphill par 5 that none of us have ever reached in two. I had visions of grandeur when I hit a big drive (for me) and I was 240 yards out with a decent lie. I brought out the Fly Z and saw had a mental image of me busting one and having it run up onto the green. Unfortunately, just as I had experienced at range, I hit a low line drive that was a whisker from being a top. Bummer. I did get the chance in this first course experiment to hit the Fly Z off the tee twice and it did not disappoint. I am accustomed to getting about 220 to 230 off the tee with my old Titleist but I exceeded that by about 10 yards both times. As at the range, I got a better trajectory and thus I got some roll. I was very pleased. The accuracy of the club was fantastic. I attribute that to the shafting. I felt comfortable from the start with this shaft and I was hitting the ball right where I wanted. I am not a big shot shaper but I tend to draw the ball a bit. The Fly Z went basically straight every time I hit it off the tee. I am so happy with this club off the tee that I will be switching to it from my Titleist for the tee performance alone. I did not hit anymore off the fairway that day but I have played five subsequent rounds and I have figured out to some degree, how to hit this club off the deck. That said, I do prefer my old Titleist from the fairway but off the tee, the Fly Z is a big winner. Since I tend to hit many more three woods from the tee than the fairway I can live with the fairway performance. Overall I would give this club an 85 out of 100 Looks I think Cobra has done a great job with the look of this club. When I stand over a shot with a new club many times the way it looks gets into my thought process. I did not have that problem with this club. It is not flashy but to me it is classy. The bottom of the club is contemporary and not overstated. I love the head cover too. I have the big head cover on my driver and I even have a rather bulky cover for my hybrid. I love the old school sock cover, the last think I need in my bag is another bulky head cover. Overall I give this club a 97 out of 100 on looks Sound and Feel I love the balance of this club and I love the shaft they put in mine. It is to me, more than stiff but less than extra stiff. I feel confident when I swing it that it will not be whippy but it also doesn't feel like I am swing a steel pipe. I think this shaft has helped my accuracy and I am pleased. The club has a good sound, I think it sounds like many of its contemporary's and way better than Nike. I am not a fan of the grip, I will be changing it to a full cord oversized model, but that said, it is probably about average for its competitors. Overall grade for this area is 92 out of 100 Likelihood of Purchase At this point in the process I am leaning toward yes on this one. The tee box performance is really good and that is much more important to me that actual fairway performance. My Titleist does well in both categories but the Fly Z has me leaning its way. Overall I would say the likelihood of purchase is 80 out of 100 Subjective Notes I think the Fly Z is a nice looking club that feels good in my hands. The profile is refreshing in that while it's oversized it doesn't look like a driver. I don't like the grip but that is like not liking the color of a room; it is easily changed. Overall I would give the Fly Z 85 out of 100 Conclusion What do you really want a three wood for these days? For me it is mainly for tee box performance. I rarely load up from 250 and try to get home in two on a par 5. I will hit a hybrid or a three iron and get myself into good wedge range. But, so many times on tight courses I need the control and appreciate the distance I can get from a three wood. The Fly Z gives me that control and excellent distance. I am probably going to put the Titleist 910 in the basement for a while. Overall assement up to this point is 85 out of 100. The Five 1. Will the Fly Z go into your bag? Why or why not? As I mentioned above, if for no other reason, this club is a bad dude off the tee 2. To Whom, if anyone would you recommend the Fly Z and why? I would recommend this club to anyone who uses the three wood off the tee. If you are a person that plays your three wood from the fairway regularly I would not recommend this club to you 3. How, if at all, did the Cobra Fly Z change your overall impression of Cobra? First, it reminded me that Cobra is still out there. Secondly, it made me realize they are a viable option when making a purchase of a new club. I will definitely look at their other equipment from now on 4. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? I would improve the grip to something a little more robust. 5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? I love the profile and overall size of the club, it is not overwhelming. If they can duplicate this for their drivers and get similar performance and forgiveness as their competitors, I am a buyer,
  4. First Impressions The new phonebook is here (The Jerk).mp4 Just like Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk, I was so excited when I got home and there was a beautiful box with Cobra in large letters. Instead of saying the new phonebooks are here, I ran around saying “My new Cobra is here, My new Cobra is here!!” The packaging was done well, the club was in pristine condition and my heart began to race a bit as I started removing the plastic bag that contained the club. I had some help from my buddy Bear. He was disappointed there were no treats in the box for him. Then I started removing the bubble wrap that protected the head of the club and viola! There she was….. Since I got the club during British Open week, I thought the shot of London in the background was appropriate. My first reaction to the club is that is truly a beautiful piece of equipment. I am very excited to get on the course and check this bad boy out. The bottom of the club reveals that, just like many of today's drivers, my fairway wood is adjustable!! I tend to hit the ball on a high trajectory so I immediately set the club loft to 13 degrees, the lowest loft available. The range of 13 to 16 degrees of loft makes this a truly versatile club; it is indeed a 3-4 wood. The change took literally less than a minute with the handy enclosed tool Here is the entire shipment. The headcover is very nice with the old school tag on the top denoting that this club is listed as a 3 wood. But I know better. My overall first impression is excellent! I am planning on hitting this dude Monday afternoon in my golf league!!
  5. Wow, I am pumped to get this club in my bag. I am looking forward to giving my feedback and hopefully shaving some strokes off my game!
  6. Sorry for the sideways picture above, just tilt your head a bit and it will all make sense!
  7. I am a 12 handicap from Cincinnati. I am currently playing Mizuno MX-23 irons, Calloway X2 driver and Titleist 975-D fairway woods. I would love to test out these new Cobra's and see if I can improve this aspect of my game. I don't hit the old long irons quite as far these days so fairway woods are much more important to me now!!
  8. The kids are basically done with youth sports and now I have some time to start really getting my game back. I was once a 5 and now play to about a 12. I am glad to be a part of this very interesting group!!

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