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  1. Jim in NC, USA 4-PW Cobra Amp Cell Pro stiff flex(stock shafts), Right handed. 15 hc
  2. Not sure if this has all been set up or not but Im around a 20 HC or I really measure just shot to shot. Just that I cant really see the value of a socre at the end. Im trying to learn Golf with a goal of shooting a par for each hole. If I get 1 or 2 more shots per hole then Im ok. But I just play tee to FIR to GIR with MAX of 2 putts. Those are my goals. I play every day as I work next to a course and can get in 9 before heading home. Weekends I like to get at least 18 in. There all kinds of grips out there. GP seems to have the market locked for brand confidence and no doubt they make some awesome grips. But what else is there? These Super Strokes seem really really interesting of all the grips Ive seen. Whenever I pick them up in the local sporting goods store I notice a very high quality of workmanship and materials. However the $$$ just kicks my butt. I just cant pop down that kind of cash $10+ per grip. Even GPs are getting/are $$. The real test is on the clubs, on the course and just flat out wearing them out to see if that $$ is worth it. I think the best way to review these is to have them installed at my home course by our pro. Though I can install grips they have done thousands more so they would do a better job. Id also have them take a look at them. Then get after it. Not sure what the time frame is here but I think I could get a real good idea of what these things are all about within a few short weeks. Well at least we could get a real good idea of their performance in the hot/humid NC weather. Id go ahead and play them through the winter also as I dont stop playing unless the greens are iced. So all in all I think I could get all of us a very good idea of what these grips are all about. Sorry for the spelling errors but Ive a tee time set in about 30 minutes. JF
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