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  1. Jim in NC, USA 4-PW Cobra Amp Cell Pro stiff flex(stock shafts), Right handed. 15 hc
  2. Not sure if this has all been set up or not but Im around a 20 HC or I really measure just shot to shot. Just that I cant really see the value of a socre at the end. Im trying to learn Golf with a goal of shooting a par for each hole. If I get 1 or 2 more shots per hole then Im ok. But I just play tee to FIR to GIR with MAX of 2 putts. Those are my goals. I play every day as I work next to a course and can get in 9 before heading home. Weekends I like to get at least 18 in. There all kinds of grips out there. GP seems to have the market locked for brand confidence and no doubt they make so
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