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  1. So do you think the MAX grip is supposed to be held with more of a split handed grip? Your stats were better once you split your hands
  2. Hahaha! I called it .... T150's I hope the T200s have a better sound this time around
  3. Yeah I was on a roll. I just wish they were for birdie though. They were all scrambling pars. #2 - pitch to a foot; #3 - sand save to a foot; #4 - 18 feet for par; #5 - flop shot to 8 feet for par; #6 - chip to a foot
  4. Also, I will test out the other grips after this test is over. I don't want to change my mindset with two or three different grips at a time. The Ultimate is working for me, so I don't want that to end
  5. Well ... after yesterday's afternoon 9-hole round in League, I'm convinced. Something about this grip exudes confidence in my hands. 13 putts! Including 5 one-putts in a row ... holes 2 thru 6. Not one 3-putt & my lag putting was great. The aeration holes have finally filled, so the greens roll that much smoother. (I hate aerated greens BTW ..., but that's for another thread) I got there early just so I could practice putting before the round. Practiced lag putts to the fringe, the ladder drill, the clock drill. All of it helped for sure. It's too bad the rest of my game took a sh*t cause I only hit 4 GIR's. Couldn't get off the tee to save my life, all except the first hole. Hitting irons fat, leaving it short, etc. It's a good thing I have a good short game. Sandy par save to a foot, another chip from the fringe to a foot, plus an awesome flop shot over a bunker to about 8 feet & made the putt. It was funny ... one of the guys in my group watched me hit the flop & said "if I tried that I would blade it across the green & kneecap someone." LOL I said "it just takes practice & confidence that you can pull it off when called upon." Back to the grip. The slight oversize to it keeps my grip light. This has always been a problem I have ... choking the damn thing to death. For whatever reason, I have no idea. But this has prevented me from doing that. My hands sit comfortably on it & I just feel the putter head go back & thru. (I'll try & get Mrs. Nut to take a pic of my grip) The only negative thing I've seen so far is just a cosmetic or manufacturing issue. At the top of the grip, it seems as though the tack part of the grip 'stops' at the top end before the beginning of the cap. (It won't make sense until I post a pic but.) If I grip it right at the top, where the plastic part of the cap sits in the top of my palm or wrist, it hits it & I can feel it jabbing into my hand. Like a hard plastic corner piece sitting against the palm. Maybe that was done purposefully, so that you don't choke it to death. LOL Cause if I did, it would hurt that much more. Needless to say, I'm loving the grip so far. At least my putting is getting better. Now I just need to concentrate on my ball striking. See ... I told you I needed to test the irons as well! LMAO!
  6. Had a great round with the Ultimate in hand yesterday. Speed control was on point for once, no 3-putts. I think the grip tends to ensure I don't choke it to death. The slight oversize to it & the way the grip fits in my hands makes me feel the club head swing in the putting motion. Maybe it was the speed of the greens I got used to pretty quick but my lags were all well within the 3 foot circle, with a lot of tap ins. I played pretty well all around yesterday. My irons & short game were on fire! I chipped in once & a lot of them were really close for tap ins. 27 putts is really good for me. Scotty & the Ultimate were great
  7. Yeah it was a no brainer for me as Blue is my favorite color
  8. 15 putts on Monday & 14 on Tuesday. Hmmm ... could it be the grip? Time will tell.
  9. Getting practice in on the mat in the 'Nut cave a lot. Trying to get used to the grip. For some reason, I seem to want to grip it more in the fingers (which is no-no) with this grip. I thought it would create more in the palms, like the MAX, but it doesn't, at least with me. It's not really any different than the Scotty grip I had on before. But I have to work more with it. I have league on Tuesday, so that will be the test. I will head to the putting green tomorrow afternoon with it. Cause I have the speed down on my mat LOL
  10. Install done last night with Scotty Newport .... finally dried & I think it looks good. I picked Blue ... my favorite color I will have more insight on my install last night later today when I get home. Some interesting adjustment in weight
  11. I thought I heard someone won this? Or was it even drawn yet? I think everyone should throw their names in the hat again just to be sure
  12. $3K ... is it worth it? Seems a bit steep ... $1K upgrade?
  13. Welcome to MGS! I'm in Leesburg. I grew up playing Burke Lake & Pinecrest a lot as a kid. So you must be a short game wizard if you play there a lot? My league is at Brambleton here in Ashburn
  14. Just talked to Mrs. Nut about me purchasing this for myself for Father's Day .... she said & I quote ... "Are you smoking crack?" "So is NO you're final answer?"
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