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  1. Some guys? Don't know who is Not staying & still looking to play?
  2. So am I to assume that the order of play is Plantation (Friday), Woods (Saturday) & River (Sunday)?
  3. So ... any tee times for a gentlemen, gentlemen (in my best Cal voice ... from 'Titanic') Or do we wait until the night before to find out if there are times added?
  4. I've run into this issue way too often. People addressing the ball without even looking at it. I've stopped people from hitting my ball numerous times in the fairway & on the green. This one time (at band camp ... LOL) recently, I hit one of my towering block fades to the fairway adjacent to me on the right. Saw some guys coming down the fairway immediately stop at my ball & hit it. I'm racing in the cart to get to him & say "I believe you just hit my ball." "No I didn't." "Did you even look at it before you hit it?" "No I'm sure it's a Titleist #1." "Ok, does it have 3 black dots on it & a black sharpie line on the side?" "Uhhh .... " I proceed to go get the ball that he chunked down the fairway & bring it back to him .... "See, mine has markings just as I said. I'm sure yours isn't marked the same way is this, correct." I'm just astonished at the number of people that just don't look at the ball to identify it before they hit it. So, I mark 3 dots around the number & mark over the alignment aid on the side. Sometimes I'll even change the color around the number to Red. So 3 Red dots. Rarely do I see balls marked with Red & Black sharpie. I will always be able to identify my ball vs someone else's.
  5. 5 iron ... hell, I still carry a 4 iron, as well as a 2 iron! HA! It's the only way I see the upper end of the bag. The 4 & 5 iron are at least Game Improvement irons, which help tremendously. Long par 3's especially. I don't like hybrids, never have. Maybe because I have yet to find one I liked but I've always had long iron in the bag
  6. Another awesome opportunity! Well done MGS & Garmin
  7. Congrats fellas! I'll be looking forward to your results. SM9 vs SM10 .... is it worth the upgrade?
  8. Congrats everyone! This is going to be fun. Sure wish I had this opportunity, as I'm a huge club builder. But I'll be following along your progress for sure.
  9. I was wondering if these claims are true or not?
  10. Hey you might get some serious spin characteristics with those balls!
  11. Congrats everyone! Looking forward to your results
  12. That's what I'm interested in looking at as well. I knew it was going to be firmer, but by how much. Wondering if it spins similar & how close it is to the ProV1x?
  13. I'm still liking the CT. Played it again over the weekend & it performed great. I played it alongside the AVX. Distance was about equal for the most part, with a slight edge going to the CT. Definite discernable difference in sound for sure. More muted sound of the CT vs the AVX, for obvious reasons. But spin was where the CT performed admirably. Stopping on a dime & even backing up on some shots. One hop forward & spin back past the ball mark. I'm definitely not a huge spin guy, so this is a huge plus for me. The triple track does help my concentrate on putting it end over end. I didn't think it would in the beginning. I kind of thought it was a gimmick or just a ploy for you to buy their ball but it does work in that aspect. In terms of the ability to align to the starting line or the hole, that's a different story. It's not the balls fault I can't see I see one thing behind the line, align the ball, then get over the putt & see something completely different. Help .... I need PELZ! I need to be fit for a putter. this is where I lose most of my strokes. I just received my 4 for 3 deal from Titleist of the Left Dash. So this will be the next ball I'll comparing it with. Stay tuned
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