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  1. I have the T-200 (4 - 7) & T-100S (8 - PW) combo set, lofts gapped perfectly, with no issues. I love how far these go, with consistent ball speeds across the face. Even on mishits. Coming from the older (2019) versions of the T-200, these are definitely a step up in performance. Balls seem to jump off the face with a high initial launch & no issues stopping the ball. Not sure how they can improve upon them come 2023, but I'm excited to see what is in store.
  2. Plastic for driver & broken wooden tees for par 3's
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes fellas!
  4. I know ... WV isn't on this thread but ... Anyone want to play Saturday morning at Locust Hill in Charlestown, WV? I have a tee time for 2 more people at 10am. Last time I checked there weren't anyone else on the time. It was a 'Hot Deal' on GolfNow, so you save a bit there.
  5. Glove always comes off for putting. I even remove it for pitches around the green to get a bit more feel. No other reason
  6. That's right. I knew I saw it somewhere. She tattoos that thing too!
  7. Interesting ... what's the difference from the TSi1? Looks eerily similar to the TSR2
  8. I've been having trouble getting a spot for an appointment in my area. When I inquired with Titleist, this is what they told me: "Thank you for requesting a Fitting with one of our Titleist Professionals! Unfortunately, our Fitting Specialists are booked out through early September in your area. New Fitting Days will be added to their calendars in the coming weeks, so please check our locator - https://www.titleist.com/locator - at your convenience to identify a fitting experience in your area. If, by mid-September, you cannot find an ideal fitting time and location, then please contact us and we will do our best to schedule something with your local Fitter. Thanks again for reaching out to Titleist and we look forward to providing you with a fitting experience in the near future." So .... I sit & wait until the end of September?? Maybe get one ordered by October & get in November? Got it
  9. Congrats dude! This is an amazing thing to wake up to
  10. Wait .... Didn't MGS do a test showing that you should NEVER be fit for clubs using Range Balls?? What .... @Golfspy_CG2couldn't pitch in for some Titleist Range balls? HA! Just was catching up on the thread. Looks like you guys had a blast! So sorry I couldn't make it this time. There is always something. I think I've played maybe 20 rounds this year. It's been a sad state of affairs for my golf game. Probably best I didn't show up to shame myself anyway. HA!
  11. Good luck to everyone who enter this one! These irons look like some rocket launchers for sure.
  12. Sorry guys ... I am officially out. I have to move my other son up here. He needs my truck & my ability to use a Uhaul (he has a lot of crap for a 25 year old) He is starting his first Big Boy job since graduating college. I tried to get him to move the weekend, but he has to be out of his old apartment on Friday. I really hate missing this outing, especially since I always bug Rob to start one. I will be following along when I get moments of free time. You guys have fun! Also, stay hydrated ... it's going to be a hot weekend here in the DMV.
  13. In like Flint .... to finish somewhere at the end of the pack
  14. Not a bad idea. What App is that?
  15. Sheesh .... took you long enough! I mean you play that course, I don't know, A LOT! HA! Congrats man! I need to come play CP again. Love the flag ... awesome touch. BTW ... since when are you playing PXG??
  16. I may have some unfortunate news. It's still up in the air right now, but I may have to miss this outing. I've been so looking forward to this, especially because my buddy Rob is putting it together, which I've asked him to do many times before. I will continue to update you but I know you need deposits on everything as well.
  17. Hey @Golfspy_CG2 are the cottages full as of yet? Will it be pricing on 12 players? Or ??? I may be on the short list of attendees if possible. Looking at the Mrs. going out of town the same weekend, so it wouldn't make much sense for me to get a hotel room by myself.
  18. FYI They re-open the River Course one week ahead of our arrival. July 28th. I wonder what kind of condition they will be in? Changing ALL of fairways is quite the undertaking.
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