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    A Comprehensive Review by MyGolfSpy Forum Testers

    The anticipation among our members for the testing opportunity of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO was nothing short of palpable. While the Rapsodo MLM had already established itself as a highly utilized and well-reviewed product on the MyGolfSpy Forum, the addition of enhanced features in the MLM2PRO made it one of the most eagerly awaited items for our testing season.
    Selection Process:
    Our Forum Staff handpicked a select group of members to conduct thorough reviews. These individuals were tasked with rigorously testing all functions and features of the MLM2PRO and providing regular updates to the community. Their insights would culminate in a final, comprehensive review assessing the performance and features of the new Rapsodo MLM2PRO.
    Introducing the Rapsodo MLM2PRO
    Rapsodo, with a commitment to continuous improvement, introduces the MLM2PRO, offering significant enhancements while maintaining an affordable price point. Here's a glimpse of the remarkable features that accompany the new Rapsodo MLM2PRO:
    1 Year Premium Membership ($199 Value) included with the device Dual optical camera vision Shot Vision and Impact Vision for versatile swing replay options Simulation at 30,000+ golf courses Quick Connect Feature for seamless setup Rapsodo Combines for a comprehensive analysis Full functionality both indoors and outdoors NEW R-Cloud site Apple and Android compatibility Accolades:
    In the MyGolfSpy's latest rankings for the Best Golf Launch Monitors of 2023, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO secured an impressive 2nd position, narrowly trailing the Bushnell Launch Pro. Noteworthy is the fact that the Bushnell Launch Pro can cost up to $2800 more, making the Rapsodo MLM2PRO a cost-effective alternative.
    User Feedback:
    With high praise preceding the testing phase, our eagerly awaited testers have shared their experiences with the Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Let's delve into their firsthand accounts and uncover the insights they've gained from putting this cutting-edge device to the test.
    Insights from Testers

    Unboxing & Setup
    When you invest in the Rapsodo MLM2PRO, you're not just getting a launch monitor – you're getting a complete package. In addition to the device itself, the package includes a tripod, a convenient carrying case, a USB-C charging cable, and even a sleeve of Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (more on these later).
    One of our testers, xOldBenKenobiX, enthusiastically shared his first experience with a personal launch monitor and the setup process:
    "This is my first extended experience with a mobile launch monitor, and I couldn't be more thrilled. The device, neatly contained in a compact and highly portable package, packs quite a punch. Setting it up on the range was a breeze – turning it on, connecting it to my phone, configuring the location – it was good to go. These steps might sound lengthy, but in reality, it was a matter of mere minutes before I was teeing off."
    Another tester, CSiders12, expressed his great initial impressions:
    "This monitor is sweet—no beating around that bush. From the delivery, packaging, and performance, I have been very impressed so far."

    The Rapsodo App
    Rapsodo is committed to enhancing the user experience of its app through regular fixes and updates. Our testers have noticed significant improvements with each update.
    Tester Golfspy_APH shared his thoughts:
    "While there are a few things I might tweak with the app, Rapsodo has consistently pushed through updates that addressed any initial qualms I had. The recent update includes a bulk club add feature. Setup of the unit couldn’t be easier. With the phone in hand, everything is marked, and within seconds, you can have the whole unit aligned for your session on the range or at home into a net."

    Additionally, Rapsodo has launched a new website called R-Cloud, allowing users to view all their sessions, videos, and more on a PC – a valuable addition for Rapsodo MLM2PRO users.
    Features - Cameras & Viewing Options

    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO boasts a myriad of features, with our testers providing insightful perspectives. CSiders12 highlighted the impact vision feature:
    "Impact vision allows you to see the impact between the golf club and the golf ball. I found this to be really beneficial when focusing on club face control and swing path. During impact vision mode, you get a slow-mo video of the impact position."

    Golfspy_APH, on the other hand, praised the multi-camera setup:
    "The ability to take one swing and have 3 different and usable camera views of the same swing was game-changing. Being able to breakdown and analyze your swing from down the line, impact, and face on using your phone or tablet is simply the best."
    Features: Numbers & Accuracy

    Accurate data is crucial, and our testers found that the Rapsodo MLM2PRO delivered impressive consistency and precision. Outdoor flights replicated on-course play, and the use of Callaway RPT Golf Balls significantly improved net numbers' accuracy.
    Tester xOldBenKenobiX noted:
    "To maintain transparency, it's worth noting that I observed some variations in data when using different types of golf balls, including range balls, RPT balls, and regular golf balls with the RPT pattern. The RPT balls provided more consistent feedback, even on mishits."
    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO measures 13 different metrics, providing comprehensive insights for golfers to enhance their performance.

    Features: Golf Simulator 
    A standout feature of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is the Simulation Mode, as highlighted by CSiders12:
    "The simulation mode is a huge success. Whether you choose to go to the range or play on courses, it's beneficial. The range option is especially helpful when hitting indoors. By having simulation experiences, it allows me to see my shot shape and what I need to work on during my practice sessions."

    While Rapsodo offers its own courses, CSiders12 mentioned third-party apps like Awesome Golf and E6, providing users with diverse simulation experiences.
    Golfspy_APH shared his experience:
    "I used the MLM2PRO as a warmup for a tournament at a course that I had never played. It helped me prepare for the round and without question saved me several strokes."
    Rapsodo Combines
    Finally Rapsodo offers a unique program they call combines. Our tester Golfspy BOS explains it perfectly. 
    “One of the new features that I am growing fond of is the Performance Combine.  When you do a combine session you hit 3 clubs.  2 clubs to approach distances and 1 as a tee shot.  You get some warmup shots and then, games on!  The app lets you know which shot you are trying to hit and rotates through until 8 of each distance, 24 total shots.  No retakes, no deletes, no hiding.  It is a great way to get some quick but effective practice with a little added pressure.”
    The Final Verdict

    With final grades ranging between 90 and 96 out of 100, it's clear that the Rapsodo MLM2PRO made a significant impact on our testers. In conclusion, xOldBenKenobiX emphasized:
    "This golf simulation system is more than a mere gadget; it is a powerful practice tool that adds an element of fun and challenge to your practice sessions. With some refinements and improvements, it has the potential to be an invaluable asset for golf enthusiasts seeking to elevate their game."
    CSiders12 wrapped up his review with a compelling recommendation:
    "If you want to improve your golf game, you need data. This device will provide the data you need (and more) for a fraction of the cost of its competitors. If you are considering a launch monitor, definitely consider the Rapsodo MLM2Pro as you won’t find another one like it for the price."
    Golfspy_APH concluded:
    "I really enjoyed the original MLM; however, the MLM2PRO has taken Rapsodo from a nice-to-have to a must-have piece of equipment for me."
    Golfspy BOS wrapped up his review saying:
    “The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is everything I wanted the original MLM to be and more.”

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