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  1. First name: Tony S. Home state: Virginia Current Handicap: 2 Current Irons: 714 AP2's Biggest Strength: Distance control, accuracy Biggest weakness: 4,5 irons Thanks
  2. Hey group! I'm from Herndon, VA and I play golf at least 125 rounds a year. My handicap is a 2 and I currently play the Odyssey Metal X milled blade putter. Thanks
  3. Hello, My name is Tony and I live in Virginia. My handicap is a 3 Thanks
  4. Tony from Herndon, VA 2 HDCP Callaway DBB 816 w Aldila Rogue silver xstiff 107 mph Thanks for the opportunity!
  5. My name is Tony from Herndon VA. I currently play a Callaway Dbl Black Diamond 816 Great Big Bertha with a stiff kuro kage shaft. My swing speed is around 106 and my driver average is around 280
  6. My name is Tony and I am from Virginia I play an Odyssey metal x counterbalanced I would like to try an mls pro series tour blade My misses are usually to the right Thanks for the opportunity
  7. Hello, My name is Tony Solina, from Herndon, VA. I currently am a 2 handicap and I am using a Titleist 585-H 19*, x-100 true temper, DG shaft. Thanks
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