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  1. Dick Read Mesa, AZ Hdcp 6.9 Age 69 Swing spd 91+ Avg carry 220 F7+ preference Thanks for opportunity to try new equipment
  2. Dick Read Mesa, AZ On 3rd Bushnell, current model V3. V3 is great, accurate and battery life incredible.
  3. Dick Read Mesa, AZ 9.2 175+ rds 2 ball milled face. Need serious putter help, love opportunity to be selected
  4. Dick from Mesa AZ. Except for mid summer in AZ I am a walker using a push cart. Current full size bag, C130 Sun Mountain. Current carry bag Ping.
  5. Dick Mesa AZ Hdcp 7.2 Didn't what lofts available, just 17 and 21 deg shown. But 21 degree is great. And is Filed something next step higher loft? My current favorite hybrid is Taylor made rescue 23 deg. Thanks for the info and the offer. These hybrids look great and Hogan has always proved awesome irons.
  6. Dick Mesa, AZ 6.3 hdcp Currently play Callaway apex pro irons. I played Hogan blades back in early 90s, awesome clubs. Especially since I was in east Kansas. Only club I could keep under strong winds.
  7. Dick current hdcp 7 Driver Callaway 815 Alpha FWY Callaway Big Bertha Irons: Callaway Apex pro Hybrids: ping, taylormade Longest iron I feel comfortable with is 6 iron struggle with longer irons. Like current hybrids but movement to the left is constant struggle. Won't use the nasty "hook" word here. Would love to try something new, see if it helps. And of course provide good quality feedback to Hogan, Mygolfspy, and all the members/readers of this great service. Thank you
  8. Dick, Mesa Arizona Handicap, currently 6.9 Callaway Apex Pro Irons KBS tour stiff Standard fit across the board
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