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  1. Wow what a contest, fingers and what nots crossed on this John Motuz Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada lucky 13 handicap all clubs except putter right hand Launcher HB 10.5 Launcher HB 3 wood Launcher HB Hybrid Launcher CBX irons - 4-9 & PW RTX-3 56* wedge LH HUNTINGTON BEACH 3 PUTTER, O/S GRIP
  2. would love to test either the get sum or my tour golf balls. John / BC / Canada H.C. 10 Calloway chrome soft 16 rnds/mth
  3. wow, would love to try this ball but being in Canada I have no chance, good luck to all that get the chance and look forward to the reviews
  4. congrats to all the lucky testers! looking forward to your reviews and guess I just have to go out and buy this new Cobra FlyZ or FlyZ+ fairway wood- depending of course on your excellent reviews
  5. I think this will one of the most unpredictable, fun to watch US Opens in a very long time. The course is fantastic, unique and challenging to all the players not just the long hitters like many have been before. As for picking a winner, I am going with my heart and hoping Phil finally gets his US Open win. Should be a great weekend of golf!
  6. Forgot pic of my golf bag.As before I use a Mizuno Blue Rage T-Zoid 3 wood RH and stiff shaft- my handicap is +12 and hoping to be under this year - perhaps a new Cobra FlyZ fairway could be the answer? Tried many but the Mizuno my favourite -
  7. I've tried many but still may favourite fairway is my Mizuno T-Zoid Blue Rage #3 RH, stiff shaft Like the feel and lift and ease to hit - still working hard to beat my +12 handicap under 10 Perhaps this Cobra fairway would help?
  8. enjoying the great weather on vancouver island

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