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  1. 18 hcp, play 40-50 rounds, Cobra Woods and Irons Randy Rudak
  2. Randy Rudak Kokomo IN 17 comfort and balance
  3. 16-18 hcp, 50+ rounds a year. Left-handed. Looking to update my Cobra F8 driver
  4. I would like to test out this driver. I'm LEFT-handed, 73 yrs old, 50+ rounds of golf a year. 16-18 hcp. Plus I'm looking to replace/upgrade my current Cobra F8 this year
  5. I'm a left-handed golfer that plays about 50-60 rounds a year with an 16-18 HCP. I use Cobra irons and woods.
  6. I want to be one of your testers. I'm Left-Handed, 50-60 games a year, 17 hcp. Currently use Cobra Fly-Z irons but looking to change next year.
  7. 70 years of age. 17 hcp. Left handed. Play about 50-60 times a year. Use Cobra clubs now but did use Wilson about 40 years ago. (have they changed?)
  8. cange password

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