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  1. Has anyone done  a test on the Bombtech Drive/woods. A friend of has one and he let hit his 3W. 1st, he hit his driver above 240 into about 15 mph wind in the FW. I hit  his 3W about 10 yard by his drive. I was surprised. I am hearing a lot of noise about this club. I may want to change to the Bombtech Dvr. Any feedback from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated before I decide to spend money in this club. . I'm a 7.7 HC. 



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  2. I wanted to know if anyone or MyGolfSpy could give some feedback or perform a test on the "Grenade Golf Driver "

    by BombTech. 


    It has numerous reviews and about 99% of reviews being very positive. I would like to see if MyGS would entertain the possibly of doing a test on the driver. #love2cithappen.




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