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  1. Had some friends go to the event and they loved it. They've done lots of PGA events and liked the high end feel of LIV. For me, I didn't know the event was going on. Seems that they need to actually advertise when the events are going on. I'm not one to follow social media for that sort of thing. I miss the live YouTube to be honest. I could just turn it on and watch, and it had a reminder on it. I recorded the event, along with the PGA event. I will say, in spite of what some are saying, the PGA event was pretty boring, and the LIV was better as I got to see some players I enjoy watching. I think this whole thing is going to hit peak interest, do or die, at and after the Masters. If some LIV players finish high, I believe the following will grow. If the LIV players play bad, then the whole "there's no motivation or incentive", "those guys are washed up" is going to gain ground. Lots of pressure on the LIV players to play well.
  2. There's so many details left out. At what stage of their career does the ball change? Professional only? Does that include LPGA and Champions Tours? How much shorter do we need the LPGA players to be? They surely won't like this change. Is the US Am going to go to it? Many young players will be good with the normal ball, then potentially be horrible with the slower ball. This isn't an even playing field. I have some young players that are shorter than others but have tremendous short games to make up the difference. They too, will be shorter off the tee with a new ball, still keeping them at a disadvantage. I'm already getting the questions from my high school players, they would need to get the ball now. Those kids will NEED to start playing the shorter ball in high school, so now they are going to shift their play between two sets of yardages. That's IF they are allowed to purchase the balls. If that's the case, will US Kids need to introduce the ball, making it less fun for them? Growing the game? Narrow the fairway. Grow the rough. Slow down the greens.
  3. not in any particular order... Son of A Butch. Tour Coach. Hack it Out. The Sweet Spot. Kostic and Mccord.
  4. Some of us don't post a lot because we will only be duplicating what others are saying. Or, we just don't think we have anything relevant to add to the discussion. Keep in mind that many on here visit the site many times than some of us. I watch the video of YouTube and enjoy them very much, but I never comment there either. I am a golf instructor which means I visit the site because I'm looking for the latest and greatest from the MGS members, and I am able to find out some great information from everyone. I compare feedback I'm getting from my players to see how it all lines up with those here. But...note taken from the low engagement data, I, for one, will start posting more often, it definitely helps the group. Thanks for the info on how this thing works...
  5. Sounds like fun. Can there be a thought about doing LIV in the future?
  6. Danny. Bakersfield, CA 13 FootJoy Dry Joy Comfort, Style
  7. Danny Bakersfield, CA Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Handicap - 0 Swing Speed - 107 Which Driver Would You Like to Review - TSi3
  8. First Name - Danny City, State - Bakersfield, CA Current Driver in Play - Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Handicap - 0 Swing Speed - 107 Which Driver Would You Like to Review - TSi3
  9. Danny / Bakersfield, California Handicap - 0 Current Model Wedges Played - Fourteen RM22 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - looks, feel, performance
  10. Danny, Bakersfield California Toulon Austin Anser 2, always loved Ping putters, very interested in the color scheme and adjustability
  11. Danny, Bakersfield, CA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 1 hour per week How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1 What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? ability to quality practice indoors away from heat
  12. Danny, Bakersfield, CA 460 Swing Speed: 105 (Playing a Epic Flash at 10.5, Tensei Pro Orange 6.0 Stiff)
  13. Danny, California Handicap - 0 Mizuno MP59 Carry -175
  14. **SOLD** KBS S-Taper Lite 100 Black Stiff Flex Steel Iron Shafts 3-pw. Brand new in the box. (no international unless you want to pay the shipping)
  15. Danny/California 0 Yes, I have a couple that I presently use.
  16. Danny, Bakersfield, CA 0, 108 Titleist 915h 18 degrees 18 to 19 degrees, need the gap between 4 iron and 3 wood
  17. Danny, California 0, 108mph Bridgestone Tour BX Have played the Z Star
  18. Danny California Golf Pride Tour Wrap Mid Size Z Grip Align
  19. Danny - California 0 Handicap, 105 mph Taylormade M2 G410 Plus
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