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  1. 1. Hdcp 6.8, Ponte Vedra FL 2. Srixon 765, 8i 165y 3. I'm a big fan off DTC company, hopkins wedges, edel, snell, vice and would like to try a new one out. Many reviewers of Sub70 discuss great customer service and well made products, I would like to give them a try. With their pricing model I hope they continue their success.
  2. Dallas, Texas 10.4 DRIVER (Launcher HB-9), FAIRWAY (3W & 5W Launcher HB), IRONS (Laucher CBX 4-PW), WEDGES (CBX 50,56,60), PUTTER (TFI 2135 1.0-35")
  3. Charles - Texas Titleist 915 D2, Speeder 869 X-Stiff 105 mph 260-270 Instagram @chazzfest, Facebook: Charles Margiotta iphone
  4. Your first name and home state/province: Charles, Texas Current handicap/avg score: 9 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? No I have not What is your current iron set? Srixon 765
  5. First Name: Charles Home State/Province/Country: Texas, United States Current Handicap: 9.6 Current Iron Set: Srixon 765
  6. Charles Dallas, TX Handicap: 9 Never used GPS watch Used game golf tracking system for a little while but found it too inconvenient
  7. Charles, Dallas TX, Handicap is 9.5 Putter: TFI 2135 - 1.0 Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 raw -- lofts depend on which set of irons and recommendations from fitting Irons: Z565 or Z765 (or possibly a combination of the two) 4-PW Hybrid: Z H65 Hybrid Fairway Wood: Srixon Z65 fairway Driver: Z 765 Driver
  8. Charles from Texas, would LOVE to try this putter out! Currently gaming a Miura KM-007
  9. Has any one seen a black "udesign" Big Bertha alpha in person? Saw this on ebay and seems like a nice touch to change the blue to black but might not be worth it for the $$$. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131607124637?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  10. Tiger's group.. Wonder if that was the worst combined three-some scoring in US open history?
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