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  1. Bryan, Pennsylvania 20 handicap, 105-110 swing speed Currently use Great Big Bertha 2016 w Aldila Rogue Extra stiff Interested in Epic Flash Sub Zero
  2. Bryan, Pennsylvania Handicap - 20 Swing speed: 110 Current driver: Callaway GBB 2017 w/ Aldila Rogue X-Stiff shaft Interested in Ping G410 Plus
  3. Bryan Warrington, Pennsylvania Currently use Garmin Approach GPS. Do not use GPS watch. It clips to my belt, but I would prefer a watch. Garmin Approach.
  4. Bryan, Pennsylvania Handicap 23 Swing speed around 105 mph Current driver Callaway Great Big Berta ‘16 G400 LST
  5. Bryan, Pennsylvania Driver: Callaway GBB 2016. 3w: Calloway XR 15. 4-GW: Taylormade Rocketbladez. 56 and 60 wedges: both Titleist Vokeys Handicap - 25 Goal(s) - my main goal is to legitimately shoot under 90 at least 3 times. Another goal is to have at least 5 birdies in one round.
  6. Bryan Sheehan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Handicap ~ 20 Launcher HB Driver Launcher HB 3 wood and 5 wood Launcher CB 4i-9i CBX 46 degree and 52 degree wedges RTX-3 56 degree and 60 degree wedge Huntington Beach putter
  7. Bryan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Callaway GBB 2016, Aldila Rogue X 105-110 MPH, around 270-280 Facebook - Bryan Sheehan, Instagram - BCS7786 iPhone Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Bryan Philadelphia, PA Handicap 24 I have used Bushnell Neo watch but only when my I play with my uncle or he lets me borrow it. I have no used a shot tracking system but would like to try.
  9. Bryan Philadelphia, PA Handicap 22 Taylormade Rocketbladez Strength- distance Weakness- consistency with solid contact
  10. Bryan Pennsylvania 25 handicap Currently eyeball but hope that someone in my foursome has a rangefinder or GPS.
  11. Bryan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Strengths: flop shots within 20 yards. Mid/high pitch shots from about 60-100 yards. Weaknesses: pitch shots between 20-60 yards, getting any the ball to check or release how I want it to. 52SS, 56SS, 60TS
  12. Bryan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Handicap = 20 I currently use a Golfbuddy GPS but that doesn't track my shots as well as I'd like. I really think this could help me finally break 90.
  13. Bryan Pennsylvania I do not currently own one but I am starting to save to get one. I really think that it would help my game.
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