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  1. - Duncan Castles, Western Cape - KBS steel hybrid shaft, R flex with Wishon 775HS heads 18, 21 + 25 degrees. - Custom fit by Golf Science - More consistent with hybrids than 5 iron with fewer big misses. Heads work well from a variety of lies, including bunkers. Generally struggle for trajectory with 18 degree hybrid. Sometime hit 25 degree hybrid too high. Really like the KBS steel hybrid shafts, which perform better for me than the graphite shafts they replaced. Am therefore intrigued to compare them head-to-head to these prototype shafts.
  2. Duncan Castles, Western Cape. Currently using a Leupold Gx-4i2 so can offer you a good head-to-head comparison with the Bushnell. Thanks for opportunity.
  3. Duncan Castles Western Cape. 7. Currently using a Leupold GX-4i2, so in a good position to assess whether the Precision Pro is up there with the best! Thanks for the invite.
  4. Full review here: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/14351-forum-testing-accra-fx-driver-shafts/page-2?do=findComment&comment=176320 Apologies for the delay.
  5. Last set of initial impressions posted here: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/14351-forum-testing-accra-fx-driver-shafts/page-2?do=findComment&comment=176319
  6. 'Fore right' were the two words I used to hold a space for this review, and fore right has been a big part of my experience testing this shaft... To be clear, I don't think the too frequent fades and slices have anything to do with the Accra. I still have my Wishon S2S White S-flex set up identically to the Accra Fx270 and have tried swapping between the two on the range, on a launch monitor, and between rounds. Same pattern of misses. This dose of the rights seems to be a product of playing less golf due to work commitments and a couple of muscle strains, plus introducing some unproductive
  7. Accra has long been a name that has intrigued me. The top line of driver shafts offered by Golf Science, the Cape Town club fitters who built a superb set of Wishon clubs for me in late 2012; yet out of my price range at the time. Those MOI-matched Wishon 560MCs irons, 775HS hybrids and a 919THI driver plus some quality coaching helped trim my handicap from the high teens to single figures, and in December I asked Golf Science to rebuild the set. The idea was to add a little more weight to each club, and place most of it in my hands by using slightly heavier shafts while trying out the
  8. My driver is a Wishon 919THI with a 73g Wishon S2S White shaft at 5.0. It's counterweighted to increase the shaft weight and bring the balance point higher up the shaft. Swing speed was 97mph when last fitted. The driver was built by local club fitters who also specialise in Accra shafts so it would be great to see what performance they could deliver with an Fx shaft and their build expertise. Thanks, Duncan
  9. Absolutely Teun. The shotmaking involved in playing this kind of course is one of the things that separates links golf from standard PGA Tour aerial golf. Ridiculous how often that Tour allows lift,clean and place when conditions become a little testing - they even permitted placing in the rough in a recent tournament. Allow the some of the best players to become accustomed to such help and it's no surprise they moan when the greens aren't perfect...
  10. Interesting to watch golf in America when the greens look less than verdantly perfect. Lot of complaints out there from various professionals, but Geoff Ogilvy seemed on the mark when arguing that the best golfers in the world should be able to cope with slightly variable green conditions. Greg Norman's commentary was valuable and I liked the graphics combining hole location and ball tracer - thought it allowed us to get a better sense of the geography of a hole.
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