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  1. Kevin / Indianapolis, IN Walk as often as I can. Current bag is a Callaway HL3 (2015)
  2. Last giveaway I sign up for... only choose people who have thousands of posts.
  3. Kevin - Indiana 4 handicap I think the DST compressor will help establish consistency in ball flight and ball striking. Something I desperately need.
  4. Kevin - Indianapolis, IN Cobra Bio Cell Pro w/ Graphite Design AD-GP 7X 115-120 MPH Swing Speed 280 Carry
  5. Kevin - Indianapolis, IN Currently I am gaming an Odyssey Protype Black #2 with about 10 grams of lead tape on the bottom. I like the way it looks and how the ball comes off the face but it is just to light. I've been looking at doing a custom Ringo, I was going to wait until I got some reviews, now I can review it for everyone.
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