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  1. I agree that Mizuno may be well placed to pick up the disgruntled Adams low-mid handicap players. My Adams A4 have been in the bag for 2 years and are not going anywhere soon, but I always thought I would replace them with Adams as I have liked the look of their updates - A12, CB2 & 3 etc. When I do need them, my next set of irons may well be Mizuno, but if I needed a set tomorrow (and Adams were out of the picture) I would look at the i20's from Ping or the J40 pocket cavities from Bridgestone.
  2. I don't like the idea of having different balls for pros and amateurs or of "rolling back" equipment. I think back to the Presidents Cup last year as an example of how a course can be set-up to be challenging for the pros without having to be 8000 yards long. I love the variety that Royal Melbourne gave us - a lot of that had to do with the climate and environment where the course finds itself, but there are things that many courses on the PGA Tour could do to become more challenging without having to buy more property. But if we are seriously wanting to limit the distance the pros ar
  3. Snow at your end. Cyclones and floods at my end. Anyone seen the film 2012?

    1. GolfSpy_X


      Does kinda seem like that might come true. Need to move to the mountains.

    2. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      74 and sunny here tomorrow and Sunday :)

  4. This is surprising to me. When most of us first joined GolfWrx it was probably in retaliation of the goings-on at BSG. GolfWrx was great early on but I think over time as its membership has exploded it has become less enjoyable. More censorship, less dissent, more trolls, more "cartels" pushing their own barrows (especially in the instruction forums)... So now I find myself leaving GolfWrx and joining a smaller more independent site like this one you have here (someone linked me to your 9064LS review - fantastic review BTW). Look forward to keeping up to date with everything gol
  5. Hi, When I click on view new content in the top right, it only displays active content from the last 24 hours, even though I have changed my settings to display all unread content. Can you help?
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