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  1. 1. Jamie 2. Missouri 3. Handicap = 12 4. Current set = Taylormade RSI 1 (5-PW); 1/4 inch long Would love the opportunity to test as I am still seeking out my first opportunity with MGS.
  2. Handicap: 12 State: Missouri Swing Speed and Carry Distance: 103 - 255 Preference: F7 but would be thrilled with the opportunity to test either
  3. I posted in another thread about the ball but there is now two versions of a new ball showing on the USGA conforming list "Costco Signature One". Four piece. 360 dimples
  4. In other news, there is a thread on THP showing two "Kirkland Signature One" showing on the USGA conforming list. Another 4 piece. 360 dimples.
  5. How does this compare to the Hzrdus Yellow and Red in terms of launch and spin? Do you need to bee at a certain swing speed to play this one? It seems folks like the yellow and you can find some reviews out there. There isn't much I've found on the Red. I know the Black is going to likely launch too low for me.
  6. Do we know where the center of gravity is located on the standard EPIC model and its MOI? I've seen claims the SZ may be in the 5,000 MOI area with the weight back. Wondering when we might seem some MGS numbers on these. I've been seeing quite a few reports of increased ball speed with these two clubs...
  7. I have one of the blacks right now. Just got it a few days ago. Its a limited release until March of 2017 if I remember correctly.
  8. Jamie Dugger Missouri Handicap: 12 I have been a long time "flipper" of the club and early extender. Why I feel I would make a great choice as a tester is that I also have experience with the Tour Striker products. I had an original Tour Striker and also have the 2014 Pitching Wedge and 7 iron version. When the DST Compressor is mentioned, folks want to know how it compares to the Tour Striker clubs. As an owner of three of the Tour Strikers, I believe I would be in a great position to directly compare the products.
  9. I've emailed staff a couple different times if they are doing one in 2016 but have yet to get a response. I value their reviews/testing more than any others out there and would especially like to see numbers on the LTD and F6 fairway woods...
  10. That's the website says. I am just wondering if there is really any advantage to using it instead of just a regular straight shafted club? In other words, is it just an attempt to get more money or is there truly a benefit to using it instead of any regular shafted club already in your bag?
  11. I'll try to take a look at this later. If you have time to post a pic sometime, I would like to see the comparison. Why do you think there are Tour players using the DST and you don't hear of anyone using the Tour Striker?
  12. Did not know that more people here have the wedge. I would have figured the opposite. Yeah what accounts for the Tour Use for the DST especially when you have a poster in this thread saying it is much easier to hit than the Tour Striker? Are you aware of many opting for the CR-10 clubs too?
  13. Thanks for weighing in on the two. I have been confused because the official review on this site suggested the DST forces a proper pivot that the Tour Striker doesn't. So that's kind of why I am trying to see if the DST really brings something to the table the TS doesn't because I have invested a decent chunk of change in the 2014 TS 8 iron and PW. It is interesting that you said you have a much easier time with the DST. Another thing I've been wondering about is why are there so many Tour players using the DST and not the Tour Striker? Yes, I hit my fair share of worm burners and skulls. I have used the clubs exclusively during range sessions. I always find it amusing at looks I get sometimes like man does this guy suck....
  14. So can anyone speak to whether there is any merit to the DST CR-10 clubs? My second question is whether this really is an improvement to the Tour Striker. I already have the Tour Striker 8 iron and wedge and know this is an area I need to work one. I have interest in the compressor but really want to know if it is an improvement or not before shelling out any more money.
  15. Some great reviews here! One thing that I would love to see would be if we could get some official driver spin and wedge spin rates on the Duo and Duo spin if possible. I know they are not being reviewed but I would be interested in seeing that same information on another Wilson low compression ball, the Wilson 50 Elite.
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