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  1. I have TF 525. They feel very soft to me but I don't have a lot experience hitting other forged clubs. 9i and PW has too much offset. Whole set has too much offset actually, but that's just me.
  2. I bought from golf theory before, including grips and never had problems. Are you sure one of the emails didn't have updated quantity? I had in the past my order updated by the shop when they didn't have sufficient quantity but they charged me accordingly... it sounds like they haven't you though? Maybe yakuza took it over?
  3. That's not really true. Recently I decided to buy one of those non-conforming drivers. I looked on rakuten but wasn't finding what I wanted so I bought a head from TSG. I get the package from Japan and it includes invoice in yen. It was less than half of what I actually paid. Still stings a bit when I think about it but it's a nice looking driver. Since it's winter here, I can't go hit the damn thing to see if I actually gained anything.
  4. I had 2 kusala indigo R-flex that snapped. I was thinking of kosuma indigo. I'm not good at reading EI graphs but it looks like it might have smoother mid section? I know golfsmith had them but I think they only had silver kusalas left.
  5. Does any one know if these shafts are available to buy any where or are they Srixon/Dunlop exclusive now?
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