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  1. 1. Mike / Pittsburgh, PA 2. I putt on a mat in my basement 3. I have the SKLZ Accelerator which is nice and helps groove my stroke, but I've been looking to upgrade. Been looking at birdie ball, big moss, perfect practice and wellputt mats. I have the room for a decent size mat, I just can't decide! 4. I'd like to try the slow speed, as I place it on top of laminate or vinyl flooring, and that always makes my current mat seem to run faster
  2. Mike/Pittsburgh, PA/USA Currently playing the Odyssey O-works Marxman S Red or TaylorMade Daytona 12 (based on 2014 MGS Most Wanted Blade) I'd love to try the Tyne 3. It's a beautiful putter, and I use the PING app to practice putting, so I know I have a slight arc stroke.
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