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  1. I tried the True Golf Fit. It kept recommending a driver that is not in the most forgiving range and that surprised me. I am a higher handicapper and figured it would recommend a more forgiving club. I don't think the link is working for questions on the site. But after modifying my answers a few times it was still the predominant club recommended. (Cobra LTDX LS) I am playing the shaft it recommended now the smoke blue. It chose the blue or green in that club. Honestly I was expecting it to show me a picture of a bowling ball and say maybe you should try bowling instead.... Things are not so great after a fifth back fusion. Trying to learn a new setup, swing tempo, everything. But I can't stop playing.
  2. This was the last review I found and many are not even sold now. https://mygolfspy.com/skypro-swing-analyzer-trainer-review/
  3. I also had the same thing happen with a Tour edge 3 wood. Only 3 rounds on it and a range day.
  4. I disagree, I still say if you have a driver that keeps you in play in the short grass and for the sake of argument lets call that where the ball can be seen or something as opposed to having to go after a ball in heavy, thick, deep, what ever you want to call it, I would take the ball 10 or 20 yards back and a clean contact on the ball. I have yet to play from behind a tree or rocks or another hazard when landing in the short grass. A nice clean 6 iron off the fairway instead of a 7 or 8 out of rough works much better for me and the conditions I play in.
  5. I would give up 20 yards off every tee if I knew I would be in the short grass. Think of it this way would you give back 10 or 20 yards if you could place the ball in the fairway to make your second shot? I would............ I am just back to playing after my 4th back fusion. I Just want to be playing; and not having to hit backwards back into the fairway from behind a tree or off some pine straw or all the other places that are not in the short grass........ Life is good!!
  6. Steve Florida Cleveland cero 2135 Putting is my downfall I lose more strokes with my putter than any club in the bag.
  7. Jupiter, Florida handicap 18 / Swing Speed 103 Ping G30 driver Epic Flash Sub Zero I appreciate what you guys do., and the opportunity to test for you I will provide a complete and informative test knowing how important unbiased results from normal golfers who cant go out all week and play private clubs hitting unlimited balls etc................. Thanks
  8. Steve Jupiter Florida Ping G30 UST VTS silver x6 65g / Ping Tour 65 stiff I have not checked speed in a while but Im between 98 and 108 Im guessing Give and old guy some help!! I have plenty of time to test and do whats needed to test them out.
  9. Steve Jupiter Fl Callaway Cf-16 dg-105 stiff 3*up +1/2 midsize grip 5-G wedge shoot mid 80s to mid 90's I 500 would be great. Grew up on pings last set was I 25's
  10. Steve, Jupiter Florida Callaway CF-16 DG-1-5 shafts +1/2 stiff 3* up Golf pride MCC mid 5-gap average score 84-90 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lots of three putts Irons are the strongest part of my game Love to give them an evaluation. I have been on the email list from Hogan Golf and had an eye on them but not sure about mail order would love to help with the anxiety of buying direct. Thanks
  11. Steve, C Jupiter Florida USA Callaway CF16 DG105 S300 Shafts 7 Iron 175 yards It would be an honor to test these clubs.
  12. Well I have used my new PecisionPro NX7pro Range finder a couple of rounds. I know a couple rounds is only a couple rounds but I am going to give my opinion. The course I played had no real slope so I cant talk much about the accuracy of slope feature. What I can say was it felt great in my hand. It was a typical Florida humid summer day with no breeze at all. This is where I was a bit impressed. It had no trouble picking up the flag stick even though the flag was lifeless. I had a few ways to check accuracy. 1, The course had GPS on the cart with actual pin location, 2. a friends $400,million dollar overpriced laser range finder and 3, I walked a few of them off early in the round because it was so fricking hot by the time I got to hole ten it was all cart from there. The scope performed well. I had no trouble getting edges of bunkers, and I played in all of them........ I know in reviews they talk about speed of different units. I just cant imagine one being so slow you are standing there going man this is taking me 4.5 seconds to get my numbers. It was fast enough that I never thought about it. The view was clear and easy to see, although I would like a bit larger viewing area or display. The magnification was good never became anything I had issues with for the most part I had no issues but wishing I had a bit larger viewing area and multi color option. There is no way I would not recommend this for the huge savings in cost and performance its a no brainier. Now add image stabilization at a low price and you will own the market It does what they say it does and it does it well. I got to go play as many rounds as I can while its 900 degrees here the rates get high when the weather gets good so if there is any reason to update this I will. Steve
  13. Thanks for the input. I did order it. $30 rebate plus $20 golfspy promo gets you down to $200. I hope its good, this is my playing season during the summer heat. its when it is affordable for us here in Florida. Thanks again Steve
  14. I have a question for anyone who knows the answer. I have been trying to decide on a new rangefinder. I purchased the MG Golf rangefinder but it was just to slick and would get different distance shooting three times in a row. My real question is WHY do some rangefinders have two optics (lenses) like the Bushnell pro X2 or three lenses like the Bushnell V4. I just got off the phone with Bushnell and the answer was like the old Blue whale question why does a blue whale have a huge mouth and a tiny throat. Answer... Because they do. Bushnell said there is no difference they work the same. Well why make different models? I am wondering if there is more light for better optics in lower light sunset golf or something? Also any feedback on the Precision Pro NX7? Thanks Steve
  15. Steve Jupiter Fl. USA I gave my golf buddy watch to my son and I use NEO now. Really would love a chance to try this out. Its my season here all the snowbirds went home and rates dropped so I can afford to play !!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Steve /Jupiter Florida /USA Callaway Cf16 / dgpro stiff ... Prefer C 300 Forged irons always have. Never official handicap but I average low 90's I three putt like the best of them Love to try them out I have been intrigued by them but, would love opportunity to give a solid review of the irons !
  17. Steve Jupiter,Fl 20ish handicap (not official) but its all three putting It kills me. Swing speed 105 Ping g30sftec OK I want to go with the G40 MAX! Stiff
  18. Steve, Jupiter Florida Handicap 20ish 105 swing speed Current driver Ping g30sftec Love to try G400LST but the curiosity to test the MAX as well.........................My gut says I need the LST
  19. Steve (55) Jupiter Florida Inconsistent (Power fade) aka slice and putting are where I lose the most each round. But the thing that kills me is in between club shots, trying to reduce a full shot and causes a shank, or fat or just ugly shots. I play great at the range !!!!!!!!!!
  20. Steve Jupiter Florida Callaway CF- 16 DG Pro Stiff Fit (Yes) Not really happy with ball flight, would like lighter shafts 7 Iron carry 170-175 I would be forever grateful for an opportunity to test, I am playing now every week as summer is in my price range before the snow birds get here and take over the state and the rates go crazy
  21. Steve Jupiter Fl Old original Rosa itsy spider 35inch O-works#9 I have actually gone to the store and keep testing the Oworks #9 putter but I fear the drastic change in face balance but I love it when I try it.It seems like I should be using it . I would LOVE to test it store putting is like range golf I am always great at both.
  22. Jupiter Florida Taylor made Rossa Itsy Bitsy (I think its the first model) Distance control and short putts
  23. Steve, Jupiter Florida Its my time summer rates play every week sometimes twice!! 20 Handicap (according to the guys taking my money every Friday) Ping G-30 Playing vts 6x silver or Bimatrx S Swing Speed 105 / Carry 270 Watson, Reed and got to love watching Phil
  24. Steve Jupiter Fl. (my season starts now Summer rates ) not handicapped but about 20 and three put every other hole ;( switched from my ping i25 to Callaway CF16 Would love to try the new irons
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