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  1. Steve, Jupiter Florida


    Callaway CF-16  DG-1-5 shafts +1/2 stiff   3* up Golf pride MCC mid  5-gap 


    average score 84-90 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lots of three putts  


    Irons are the strongest part of my game 


    Love to give them an evaluation. I have been on the email list from Hogan Golf and had an eye on them but not sure about mail order would love to help with the anxiety of buying direct.   



  2. Well I have used my new PecisionPro NX7pro Range finder a couple of rounds. I know a couple rounds is only a couple rounds but I am going to give my opinion. The course I played had no real slope so I cant talk much about the accuracy of slope feature. What I can say was it felt great in my hand. It was a typical Florida humid summer day with no breeze at all. This is where I was a bit impressed. It had no trouble picking up the flag stick even though the flag was lifeless. I had a few ways to check accuracy. 1, The course had GPS on the cart with actual pin location, 2. a friends $400,million dollar overpriced laser range finder and 3, I walked a few of them off early in the round because it was so fricking hot by the time I got to hole ten it was all cart from there. The scope performed well. I had no trouble getting edges of bunkers, and I played in all of them........ I know in reviews they talk about speed of different units. I just cant imagine one being so slow you are standing there going man this is taking me 4.5 seconds to get my numbers. It was fast enough that I never thought about it. The view was clear and easy to see, although I would like a bit larger viewing area or display. The magnification was good never became anything I had issues with for the most part I had no issues but wishing I had a bit larger viewing area and multi color option. There is no way I would not recommend this for the huge savings in cost and performance its a no brainier. Now add image stabilization at a low price and you will own the market   It does what they say it does and it does it well. I got to go play as many rounds as I can while its 900 degrees here the rates get high when the weather gets good so if there is any reason to update this I will.


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  3. I have a question for anyone who knows the answer.

    I have been trying to decide on a new rangefinder. I purchased the MG Golf rangefinder but it was just to slick and would get different  distance shooting three times in a row. My real question is WHY do some rangefinders have two optics (lenses) like the Bushnell pro X2 or three lenses like the Bushnell V4. I just got off the phone with Bushnell and the answer was like the old Blue whale question why does a blue whale have a huge mouth and a tiny throat. Answer... Because they do. Bushnell said there is no difference they work the same. Well why make different models? 

    I am wondering if there is more light for better optics in lower light sunset golf or something?


    Also any feedback on the Precision Pro NX7?



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  4. Steve 


    Jupiter Florida


    Callaway CF- 16 DG Pro Stiff  Fit (Yes)  Not really happy with ball flight, would like lighter shafts


    7 Iron carry 170-175


    I would be forever grateful for an opportunity to test, I am playing now every week as summer is in my price range before the snow birds get here and take over the state and the rates go crazy

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  5. Steve

    Jupiter Fl


    Old original Rosa itsy spider 35inch 




    I have actually gone to the store and keep testing the  Oworks #9 putter but I fear the drastic change in face balance but I love it when I try it.It seems like I should be using it . I would LOVE to test it store putting is like range golf I am always great at both. 

  6. No he is not done. This gives him the best option to get back on a competitive track. I have had the same series of surgery he has had. I have had 7 back surgery total. I knew this is where he had to go. I did not have the best doctors or the tech he had access to. he will be ok. Not the same never will be but we will see some golf again from Tiger, and he will win another major maybe senior tour but again none the less.



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