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  1. I would love to test them, But I am playing the worst golf I have played in years, so I will only test floating balls for now.... 8 iron and in I am on fire everything else I am totally lost have no idea what happened to my swing Testers please let us know how they are off the short irons. I like a soft feel and the new Chrome soft is really nice. Maybe a few seconds could come my way Ill drop em in play during a round. By the way really want to give my compliments to the staff of mygolfspy I spread the word often on the course about stuff I read here.
  2. I am all in on the alignment concept they have. Steve, Jupiter Florida Tm Spider is my putter now Like to test the tour mallet 36 inch My miss is right,
  3. I would really enjoy the opportunity to test these clubs and take the responsibility of giving the time and effort needed to provide accurate honest feedback regardless of the outcome. The boron face really intrigues me. One of my first clubs was an old Tony Penna 7 wood made from boron. It was very similar to the Cleveland Mashie Hybrid, I wish I still had that club. Name Hometown. Steve, Jupiter Florida Handicap.... unofficial 24 .... They call me three put at least 6 per round Current Irons ping I25 / ping CFS distance Stiff Custom fit , .. yes but The shaft is not wh
  4. I would love to be a tester for this. I just sold my Ping Karsten Tr Answer 5. And went back to an old putter but I am searching for a new putter. I would take the time to offer a true and proper test including taking the time to get it fit if need be.
  5. I am playing the Ping G30 SF TEC with the tour 65 shaft stiff flex. I have a swing speed of 105 mph and a new tip ready and waiting for the new shaft. Prefer a low launch ball flight. I am able to install the shaft myself.
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