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  1. Set-up for 2020 (hopefully): Driver: PING G400 LST 8.5* set to 7.5 - HZRDS Smoke 6.5 3-wood: Cobra King LTD Black set at 13.5D* 3-Hybrid: Titleist 816 H2 19* set to C2 - Graphite Design Tour AD DI-85x Hybrid Irons: 4-GW Titleist 718 AP2 Dynamic Gold TI S400 SW 54* Vokey SM7 14F LW 58* Vokey SM7 08M Putter: Edel Handicap: 11 GPS/Tech: Arccos (love the new Super Stroke Putter adapter...game changer!) Have a Cobra LTD 5w and TM 2i UDI that I occasionally switch out the 3h with, but always go back to old faithful...
  2. First Name/State or Country of residence: Travis, Ontario, Canada Handicap: 11 Current irons in Play: 718 AP2 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 167yards
  3. I ordered the Vice variety pack last year. First off, what a great idea! I was pleasantly surprised with all of them actually. I like the Pro Soft and the matte finish is interesting but I actually found it slightly annoying at how scuffed and dirty they get. The Vice Drive has an unbelievable sound. Love the crack that thing makes. In the end I ordered 5 dozen of the Vice Pro. I played a variety of balls the past few years and honestly these were indistinguishable to me from a ProV, Chrome Soft or TP5 and at a price point that does not induce duck hooks because I am scared to lose them!
  4. I was a Game Golf user for three seasons and overall I did enjoy it but I got to the point where the tagging was annoying and the belt clip device was a real annoyance. I switched to Arccos this year and so far I am impressed although I am an I Phone user so that really may be the difference. I was shocked at just how little battery power it took and it never missed a shot over three rounds played so far. I am undecided on whether I like the dashboard on GG better but I am not disappointed by the info presented by Arccos. GG really does have a better social interaction feature but other th
  5. The biggest concern with traditional or big box stores is not just if they have all the options for a proper fitting, but do the folks doing the fitting know what they are doing. I've done fittings at some of these places and about the only information they are using is lie boards and your swing speed. Having done a few fittings now with some real pros (TXG in Toronto, check out their You Tube channel) there is so very much more to it!
  6. Hey Spy's, I have been a long time follower of the site, read the reviews religiously and figure it is time to get more involved. I am a bit of an equipment junkie, love trying new stuff and am certainly not above trying to buy a game...so far with no luck. Golf is my passion and whether I ever get to the level of play I aspire to is fairly irrelevant because I am a fan of the process. Some things I am working on for this season that I hope to contribute to in the forums: 1) Super Speed Golf: In the mail and I will be starting the protocols as soon as I get them; 2) Arccos
  7. Travis Ottawa, Ontario, Canada PING G400 Swing Speed appx 112, Carry distance 260ish HCP 10.3
  8. 1. Travis, Ontario, Canada ​2. Current Hcp 10.3, Swing Speed 112 3. PING G400 4. PING G400 MAX, Stiff, 44.5 inch preferred length, 9.5 degree
  9. Travis Sherriff Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Current putter Edel E1 (not tourque balanced) 35" Odyssey O works Black #3T 35" (RH)
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