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  1. Around 40-40 rounds annually. 2.0 Handicap currently Edel E-3 Torque Balanced putter / Pixl insert / Round grip / 34" Would be curious if anything can out roll my Edel. Used to game a Rife 2-Bar back in the day.
  2. Brent Mann, Santa Monica CA Handicap 3.5 I hope the DST can aid in helping me find a more consistent trajectory with my wedges and mid irons. I adopted a 2 position system with my clubs to control distance but trajectory is my kryptonite. Hopefully a more consistent position at impact will help. Cheers!
  3. Brent - Santa Monica, Ca Edel Irons, KBS c-taper 115x 3 handicap Keep it up guys!
  4. Brent, Santa Monca, Ca Krank Formula 5, 7.5* Fujikura Speeder 757 Tour X 44" 115 avg. swing speed 290 carry on Trackman IIIe
  5. I would say Mati Putters but that is just blatant brown nosing. I am going with Moto Guzzi followed closely by Italian cursing. They just sound way cooler when they swear.
  6. Always great to see videos of the process. And Bobby rocking the beard!
  7. I've always loved the classic bullseye and Anser style. Sadly I cant aim them to save my life. Edel Willamette 2 lines on top, one behind. Never putted better.
  8. I have to imagine that with modern balls and inserts its pretty tough to tell the difference in a blind comparison. I have a softer flex shaft in my Edel and would not rule out graphite if the tests backed it up. Any statistical benefit can only help your mental game!
  9. Awesome stuff. Great to see the behind the scenes.
  10. Obviously not for everyone, but I have to imagine a lot of guys who treat their clubs better than their wife and kids, would love this!
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