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  1. Totally agree! My point was to just compare stock to stock. However, I am playing a Cobra King Ltd driver that I was fit for and both the Epic drivers with stock shafts beat my fitted Cobra.
  2. I hit the 13.5 and while it had the same solid feel of the driver, I do not remember seeing any dots on the bottom like on the driver. I may have missed it though. The 3 metal was really good and very solid. It has two interchangable weights (front and back) so you can adjust your launch conditions accordingly. My Assisant pro was back from vacation and I asked him how he liked the driver. His comment was that it was an absolute beast and that he was on staff with the wrong company. I was glad to hear his thoughts on it, as I didn't even think to ask him when I hit it.
  3. The times I have hit the 917 it was with the stock shaft in it, and it couldn't out perform my King LTD. However, the Epic with the stock shaft did. Your custom fit 917 may be a different story. I am looking forward to seeing what others think once they get the chance to hit it.
  4. I have hit the 917D2 and while it is a fairway finder, so is the Epic and it was significantly longer for me.
  5. I checked with my pro shop and they said that the drivers will be $499 for both the Epic and the Epic SZ.
  6. I would be very shocked if this was the case. The rep said that they are expecting to have 40% of the market share with these driver and that won't happen with a $1000 driver. Plus, I doubt a rep is going around to pro shops to convince them to carry $1000 driver. I would expect the two drivers to run the same price. As for the length. I didn't ask, however, I play a 44.5" driver and now that I think about it I didn't really notice a difference in length (i.e. the Callaway didn't seem long).
  7. Yes, the Sub Zero stands for the location of the CG being below the neutral axis. Whether it really is or not, I am sure the great people on this website will figure that out. All I know is it is LONG and FORGIVING. Not the usual squirliness I often get with low spin drivers (I don't have much of that with the Cobra, which is part of the reason I like it so much). As for the sound, it is not a muted sound, but it is not reverberating. It is so hard to describe sounds, mostly I was impressed by how solid the sound was. I don't know if that makes any sense. It does not echo at all. It is a solid metallic thwack sound. Haha. I hate the sound of the new Titleist 917 drivers, and it is nothing like that. It is more metallic sounding than my Cobra, which is just a thwack sound. So add a bit more solid metallic sound to the Cobra and maybe that is what you get. I am sure this sounds like gibberish
  8. So, I got to hit this two days ago. I am not in the business, just happened to stop by my course to hit some balls and a Callaway rep was out there with my HP and Assistant and they were hitting this. They know I am a junkie, so I got to take a few swings with both the Regular Epic and the Epic SubZero. They both had stock Stiff shafts in them (Hazardous in the Epic and the New Rogue shaft in the SZ). I hit it against my Cobra King Ltd Driver with a shaft that I have been fitted for. I think my current driver is the longest and most accurate driver I have ever had. I wasn't trying this driver because I was at all in the market for a new driver. A few thoughts. First, I think the crown is ugly! I don't like the green accents and the bumps (like the Ping turbulators) are painted grey/white as well as the raised chevron, so they stand out. I do like how the paint transitions in to a carbon fiber look (this carbon fiber is a upgraded type compared to the carbon fiber that is closer to the face, according to the rep) as it moves to the trailing end of the driver head. I was told, that for an extra $100 you could customize the design and make it what you want, which if I was to get the driver, I would absolutely do. The two heads look pretty much identical. I didn't notice any difference between the two, but I wasn't sitting and studying every detail. Just at first glance, they have the same paint scheme and same basic shape. Both are 460 cc heads. The shafts are apparently real deal shafts, also via the rep. Not made for shafts. On the bottom towards the face there are two silver dots and right by them it says "Jailbreak Technology". These are two titanium rods that extend from the crown to the bottom. They are saying that they stabilize the face and produce more speed, by transferring more of the energy to the face. The rep used the analogy of a trampoline built on PVC pipes (most drivers) vs a trampoline built on titanium base (the Epic) which would transfer more energy to the crown. The rep said that they are seeing an average of 3 mph more ball speed.i am looking forward to seeing real world tests to see if this is true. How were the results. Both are really LONG and very forgiving. Both beat my fitted driver, in distance and accuracy, using the stock stiff shafts that were in them. I didn't have any fancy trackman or anything, just based on where it ended up vs where I was trying to hit it. Mishits were minimally effected (my miss is usually a over cooked fade/slice. I am a moderately long hitter (110 mph SS). I can tell you that I hit both around 10 yards further than my current driver. My driving range uses 85% flight balls and it was flying the Epic around 5-10 yards longer than my driver and the Epic SZ appeared to be more than 10 yards longer. It was tough to tell how much longer because my range ends and it was hitting over the hill, but my regular driver lands before the hill. Everyone was actually laughing, because it was a bit absurd. Sound and feel were both good. I am usually a stickler for sound. I hate the sound of many modern drivers, and this one didn't have anything to complain about. The feel is very solid. Where many drivers feel springy, this one just feels very solid and not springy at all. I also hit the 13.5* 3W. It also had the same solid feel as the driver. It has two weights in the bottom, a heavy and light one. You can move them to adjust spin and ball flight. I could hardly get the ball off the ground with the heavy one in the front, but hit the ball pretty darn well with it in the back. 13.5* is definitely too low for me in a 3W, but I think the 15* could be very good.
  9. This putter has me very intrigued. I have done a lot of product testing in the past for other websites, but have taken a break from it the last year or so. During my time test I have become a HUGE believer in being fit for golf club and especially your putter. So the opportunity to work with Mr. Rife on a putter that already has such interesting technology. I can see that this may be a true game changer. I play around 100 rounds a year. About half of which are 9 hole rounds and I practice on a near daily basis. My current handicap is a 4.8. I am currently gaming a custom fit Edel Torque Balanced E-1 putter.
  10. My name is Stephen Davis and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Believe it or not, we have year round golf and I will be out golfing on Christmas Eve. I am currently using a Byron Morgan Experimental putter.
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