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  1. I wear both. Spiked FJ Hyper Flex when it is wet. Spikeless FJ Flex when it is dry. Both are real comfortable. i walk a majority of the time. I just bought a pair of FJ Spiked Hyper Flex Carbon. Walking in the house and yard. Great grip and comfort. The carbon Piece in the sole takes care of the lack of support in the old Hyper Flex. I order primarily online from Carl's or TGW.
  2. When i am in Florida, i have started to use Finger Ten mens Rain Grip gloves. i can wear the same glove for 18 holes and never worry about clubs slipping. i even leave it on now when i putt. no hassle taking off, putting on. My hand is actually cooler than with a leather glove. When up north in MN i use Master Grip DynaGrip Elite leather gloves. usually put a new in play each month, so use about 4 or 5. $7.99 a piece and are as good as the $30 glove.
  3. I'm a solvent guy also. I have my Golf Works station on my vise. I use Charcoal starter fluid. No smell, maybe a little barbecue, oops. It works good. Just like the guy who has done 1200 grips with air, i have done more than that with solvent. Hardly ever have any spillage. might be fun to try.
  4. I have a set of the 699 Pros first generation. enjoyed hitting them. I felt they were very solid. the one item I could not get over was the "roundness" of the leading edge. I never felt comfortable looking down at that round edge. played them for one season, and went back to Pings. Now using Ping i525's. if the leading edge is flattened out, I would try another set for fun. Currently in a bag for guests, when clubs are needed.
  5. My two cents worth. When my doctor of 25 years told me to start wearing a wide brim hat to slow down the cancer spots, i complied. That hits home. Everyone should where them. Sun screen helps some, but no sun is better. i wear my Titleist and Nike Wide brim hats all the time outside, even when i'm not golfing. to those that think you look dorky, i say, rather look dorky than be dead.
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