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  1. I hope it's there. The only thing that was only okay was the sound, it was more clicky than other premium milled faces.
  2. For those of you that dislike the looks of the Seemore, I recommend you try the DB4. It had a gorgeous piano black finish with as miles face and looks like your traditional blade. It utilizing RST2 which is on the neck of the putter to assist with the putter stroke on a blade. I had one and was stupid to sell it as it was the only putter I've ever truly thought the ball was going to go in when I struck it.
  3. I appreciate that and will take the Buckeye jab as we appear poised to win another championship!
  4. Similar top tribal club and other sites that claim to be your personal stylist for work, going out and now golf. I recently signed up using coupon code August20 which gives you your first box for $25 per month. I should be receiving it soon. They claim to value each box at $100 so we'll see if that cassie holds true to my first box. Has anyone tried it?. I'd so, what do you think and if not would you be interested?
  5. Hey all, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I'm Adam, from Boardman which is right between Pittsburgh and Akron. I've been golfing for many years but always seem to fall in and out of love with the game. I've been back into the game since getting married in June of 2014 when my wife told me find my passion and sure enough its golf. Looking forward to some golf related banter with a pretty impressive group of posters!
  6. So, I know I'm new here but here's another reason I need to test this...I shot a 93 with 39 putts yesterday...I have zero hope in my Versa putter and this just looks like it would inspire confidence.
  7. I can't believe I've never found this forum, awesome opportunity here! Your name, average putts per round and home state: Adam Miller, 35, Ohio Your putting stroke type: straight Who you'd like to see take the putt against Mars for inter-galactic domination: Have to go with a fellow buckeye, Jack Nicklaus
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