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  1. I have tried many lightweight carry bags this year looking for the right one. Ping Craz elite, Titleist Players4 carbon, and SM 2.5+ the sun moutain will be my bag going forward. they are all light but the sun mountain checks most boxes for me. Great club organization with no tangle, extremely light and comfortable on the shoulders, and decently styled. the only thing I would replace would be the xstraps as I prefer the balance of bags like the hoofer or carbon.
  2. Sun mountain hinted at the 2021 lineup on their Instagram. At this time last hear the Bag Catalogue was already available so I'm hoping for any day now really.
  3. My suggestion for a “full feature” lite weight bag would be the Sun Mountain 2.5+. it’s under 3 pounds with a full size top, ample storage, comfortable straps, and a nice balance to it. It’s extremely comfortable to carry. I like the SM on hilly courses (like mine) because the foot mechanism kicks the legs out quicker and further so i find the bag more stable than the hoofer craze lite I was testing against.
  4. Will / PHILADELPHIA, PA 30 years old with a 12.3 Handicap Currently I am gaming Nike Vapor pro combos (4-pw) with True Temper X100 shafts. The clubs are standard length and loft.
  5. 1. Will V - Pennsylvania 2. 15 3. Nike vapor fly pro Diamana s+ xflex 4. 105-110 - 260+ 5. Phil!
  6. Will Vorhaus, 40 putts average, Pennsylvania Slight arc putting stroke Clutch putter - Tiger Woods
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