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  1. My suggestion for a “full feature” lite weight bag would be the Sun Mountain 2.5+. it’s under 3 pounds with a full size top, ample storage, comfortable straps, and a nice balance to it. It’s extremely comfortable to carry. I like the SM on hilly courses (like mine) because the foot mechanism kicks the legs out quicker and further so i find the bag more stable than the hoofer craze lite I was testing against.
  2. Will / PHILADELPHIA, PA 30 years old with a 12.3 Handicap Currently I am gaming Nike Vapor pro combos (4-pw) with True Temper X100 shafts. The clubs are standard length and loft.
  3. 1. Will - Pennsylvania 2. 15 3. Nike vapor fly pro - x100 4: jpx 900 forged seems to be the best fit
  4. 1. Will V - Pennsylvania 2. 15 3. Nike vapor fly pro Diamana s+ xflex 4. 105-110 - 260+ 5. Phil!
  5. Will Vorhaus, 40 putts average, Pennsylvania Slight arc putting stroke Clutch putter - Tiger Woods
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