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  1. Our club has begun to provide carts with state of the art GPS with 9 inch screen. I have found them to be very accurate based on double checks with my optical.

    The obvious question becomes what is the future of optical hand held devices relative to continuing improvements in the in cart GPS systems?

  2. I am dealing with a bad decision regarding shaft for new Epic Max. Callaway prelaunch demo day and Trackman data said the 40gm senior flex Project x was what I Should order. Old driver was Titleist 915 with Diamana red 50 gm R flex and it played well for me.

    Results with new Epic have been very disappointing so now I am looking for replacement shaft. So far changing to a Project X 55 gm R-flex has made a huge difference! I can’t imagine making much more progress using this trial and error approach and a very supportive club pro. Thoughts from the forum on next steps will be appreciated. 



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