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  1. James from Louisiana Footjoy is current raingear lots of opportunities here in Louisiana to play in the rain but worst would perhaps be a tie between playing on a day when a tropical storm was deluging our area with winds over 30 sustained with higher gusts and down pouring. No lightning as with a thunderstorm however on this one occasion. The other would be a rainy day in December with temps around 35-40 all day and constant rain. On neither occasion did my rain gear hold up; the other problem besides being wet was that in the first case I was sweating due to the fabric not brea
  2. Hey, I would like to enter the contest to be a tester. My name is James Dulaney, I'm from Louisiana, and I average 30 putts per round. I am an arc style putter. If we had to have someone putt for world domination against Mars I would choose Tiger Woods in his prime. Hope to hear back from you!
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