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  1. Hellow, I'm Jonathan and I just moved to Camden, NC from Houston. I have a new job job which will provide me more time this year to work on my game. I've already become a big fan of my Cobra F8 One hybrid and the Arccos as well. I have seriously been considering adding a whole bag of Cobra F8 clubs. I am left-handed. I currently game : Driver - Cobra F6 - Matrix Red Tie, 3W - Callaway XHot2 3 Deep, 3Hy - Cobra F8 One 19, Irons - Mizuno JPX900 Forged - 5-GW, KBS $-Taper Wedges - Ping Glide 2.0 56, 60 Putter - Ping Pal Current handicap - 22 My firs
  2. Jonathan Texas Left Handed 20 handicap TM SLDR GD YSQ stiff 92 mph 225 carry Phil Mickelson 1. First name and home state or province 2. Current handicap 3. Current driver and shaft combo 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer
  3. Callaway XHOT. I'm sure X2HOT is good also, but my XHOT 3H and 4H have been so good for me I can't imagine there's much improvement possible. Stock Project X shaft is great too.
  4. I liked MX-23's a little more than the MX-25's or MX-200's. I still have a set of MX-23's that are worn down until they have brown spots in the middle of each face.
  5. I like the guideline that if you can't normally break 80 from a set of tees, then move up. Obviously you can play from any tees you like, but if the USGA offered a basic guideline like this, I think it would help the game. It would also help if they got rid of the names like "Senior" and "Ladies" tees. They should label the tees by handicap.
  6. I have a regular foursome and we play about 2-3 times a month. None of us are great and in the interest of pace of play and enjoyment, I always suggest we play from the white tees. (Don't understand why some golf courses change the tee colors to some other arrangement!) Two of us drive about 250 on average, the other two drive it closer to 200. We average scores from 90-105. I know I routinely see golfers playing from the Blue tees, who hack it or drive the ball less than 200. But I wish the PGA and golf courses would standardize the tee colors and publish guidelines for everyone to
  7. This is one of the best courses, overall, in Houston, when you consider course design, condition, price, pace of play etc. Now I've only played a dozen courses in the Houston area, but this one is best overall so far. I'm not a guy who is willing to drop $100+ on a course, so you can rule out those from my list. Design: Each hole is named for something associated with San Jacinto battlegound where Texas fought for and won independence from Mexico. This course has a little bit of a "Link-sy" feel to it. The fairways undulate naturally. There are some tall grasses growing naturally in
  8. Hello! New member signing in for the first time. Live in the Houston area. I've been here about 4 years now and I'm still trying to figure what is the best course for the money. Playing Bay Forest this weekend. I love the way MyGolfSpy reviews equipment and having been using those reviews for some time now. My smoked brisket and ribs are better than my golf game, but I love both and work at them both diligently. Thanks for a great golf site!
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