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  1. Frank/Anderson,SC/USA Ping Karsten TR Zing ZB3
  2. Frank/Anderson, SC Current Hdcp: 12 Current Iron Model Played: Callaway RogueX
  3. Frank/ Anderson, SC Cleveland CBX2 Loft - 56° high bounce
  4. Frank/Anderson, South Carolina 460 Swing Speed:82mph
  5. About 1-2 Weeks ago I sent a question To the Contact Us box and to TrueGolfFit asking for driver/shaft recommendations for a person with a swg spd of 65-70 mph, 20 hdcp and quick tempo.  No reply.  TrueGolfFit’s slow swg spd is 75-85 mph and doesn’t apply.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

    Thx, Fjd

    1. GolfSpy STUDque

      GolfSpy STUDque

      I'm sorry, but I only manage the forum. TRUEGolfFit is managed separately. I encourage you to check out the TGF help page for more information: https://truegolffit.com/help

    2. Fjd


      Thx, appreciate your response 

  6. As the other guys have said, chech using a launch monitor at Golf Galaxy or Edmund Watts golf stores
  7. Decided to take the plunge and use TrueGolfFit to recommend a driver and I am extremely pleased with the result. Just received my driver today, a Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220, and couldn’t be more pleased.. Since my swing speed is on the slow side, 79-82 mph with a smooth tempo, I was somewhat skeptical about TrueGolfFits recommendation. However, I never hit it straighter or longer. The great thing is that I can go after the ball hard and still have great control. Thanks MGS and TrueGolfFit.
  8. Thanks to MGS GolfSpy STUDque on his Very quick response in updating my profile and Helping with other issues. Appreciate it.

  9. Please add the following badges: veteran broke 80 hole in one
  10. Appreciate your feedback. Do you think being in Alberta had any thing to do with not being able to find the driver? Like you said, can’t beat the price. Thx again
  11. Too bad about all courses closed and in lockdown. I’m also planning on doing TrueGolfFit but will wait until our courses open up but still want to hear about your TrueGolfFit experience and thoughts whe you guys open back up. Good luck and stay safe.
  12. I am, fortunately here in S.C. many golf courses are still open but there are various safeguards such as no water on course, 1 person to a cart.  I personally carry hand wipes to wipe off cart steering wheel, sand bottles and other areas on the cart.

  13. MGS recently came out with their great article on best drivers for 2020.  Will MGS be coming out with selecting drivers by swing speed?  This will be the ultimate in selecting a driver.

  14. Just reviewed MGS “Top 5 Blade Putters of 2020” and was surprised that putter loft went from 2.6° for The ER2 to 3.8° for the Scotty to 4.5° for the Mizuno.

  15. How many of you have used TrueGolfFit? I’m planning on using once MGS comes out with their Driver tests quantified by driver swing speed since mine is 80-83 mph.
  16. Fjd

    Personal photo

    Thx shankster for taking the time to respond. Appreciate it.
  17. How do I add my photo to my acct?
  18. Fjd


    Thx for asking. This is my mixed bag
  19. Yes, if I can find courses that are open. One person per cart, no rakes in bunkers, cup restrictions so ball does not go down. Also use wipes on cart steering wheel and sand bottles.
  20. Fjd


    Driver: Tour Edge E8 but waiting for MGS to come out with classifying drivers by swg. Spd. Since mine is 80-83 mph fwy: Tour edge 16.5° hybrids: Callaway Rogue 25° and 21° Rogue Irons. Callaway Rogue 7i- AW. Wedges: Cleveland CG2 50°, 54° & 58° putter: Ping
  21. Although I have been a member since 2015, I unfortunately have not participated in the forums. At 78 yrs old I have been playing for approx. 60 yrs and carry a hdcp in the low teens. Have also moved up to a forward tee box playing 5500 yds. As others have said, MGS is the Consumer Reports of golf and the info provided is truly amazing. Always look forward to their reports and Always rely on them. I am retired and live in Anderson SC and play at the Walker Course T Clemson Univ. The best thing about golf in my area is year round play, the worst is the heat /humidity in JulyAugust.
  22. Frank Anderson, South Carolina 13 Callaway Rogue T200.
  23. Frank / South Carolina Handicap - 12 21° & 25°
  24. Frank / South Carolina Handicap - 12 21° & 25°
  25. Frank- South Carolina Handicap-12 Callaway 136 yds
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