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  1. The final review of the Honma Beres driver is complete and posted. For us low to medium swing speed golfers, this is a great driver if you can afford it.
  2. My swg spd is 77-80 mph and my Fujikura AirSpeeder R flex shaft is just fine for me. This shaft was originally recommended by MGS’s TrueGolfFit process. In my opinion, the stiff shaft is too stiff for your swg speed.
  3. Definitely Palmetto Dunes. Port Royal and Shipyard are just Ok.
  4. Bought one a couple of months ago. Was sold on the price and light weight and am pleased with the bag. Plenty of storage and the pockets are in the right places. Thumbs up on this bag.
  5. Looking for Cobra F Max Airspeed 5 iron with R flex graphite shaft. Will also consider the Cobra F Max Superlite 5 iron. Again only with an R flex graphite shaft.
  6. MGS just came out for most wanted 2021 SGI irons and the best overall were the Cobra F Max Airspeed. These irons were also the 2020 best overall irons. The 2019 best overall SGI irons were the Cobra F Max Superlite which are almost identical to the airspeed model. With Cobra having the number 1 spot 3 years in a row, these sticks must be pretty good. I’m thinking of trading my Titleist T400 for these Cobras. I would like to hear from some users of the Cobra F Max Airspeed and what they think. I’m a senior golfer with a driver swg spd of 81 mph and am looking for tight dispersion and consistency on my irons. Got to rely heavily on my short game.
  7. Thx for sharing on your fitting. Sounds like it was a great experience and as another person mentioned, can’t wait to see how the wedges perform during actual play. Regardless, you have to be thrilled with having an ah-ah moment knowing the fitting checked all the boxes for you. Very impressed with the Edel fitting and their products.
  8. Driver: Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 3 wood: Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 14.5° loft Hybrids: Titleist TS2 19° Irons: Titleist T400; 6-PW, 43°, 49°, 55° Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore 58° Putter: Evnroll ER2
  9. I am 79 yrs old with a driver swg spd of 79-82 mph. I hit a Tour Edge EXS 220 driver with a Fujikura Air Speeder 40 shaft with an R flex. This club/ shaft was recommended by MGS’s TrueGolfFit system. It was and continues to be a great fit. However, I have found that if I choke up approx. 1” I have more center hits on the club face. Current driver length is 45 1/4” and I choke down to about 44” and the hits are definitely better.
  10. Thx for your insight on the TrueGolfFit system. I also had an excellent experience last year. My age was 78 last year with a driver swg spd of 79-82 mph. TGF recommended a Tour Edge 220 driver with an R flex Fujikura AirSpeeder 40 shaft. Love it and what a great fit thanks to TrueGolfFit.
  11. In my opinion you should not have to adjust to the shaft. If it is the correct shaft for your swg spd, tempo and transition from backswing to downswing, it should work immediately without adjusting. As far as swing thoughts or set up with your too flexible shaft, see your club pro. P.S. one solution is too trade your too flexible shaft for another at Golf Galaxy or PGA Tour Superstore. The PGA Tour store in Atlanta did this for me. Great people. hope this helps and good luck.
  12. Can I also get a veteran badge? Retired Navy with 20. Thanks
  13. No, did not demo the senior shaft. The R flex appears to be the right shaft
  14. Last year I used MGS Truegolffit for my driver. They recommended and I bought the Tour Edge Exotics 220 and it came with the Fujikura AirSpeeder 40, R flex shaft. My driver swg. Spd is 80-83 mph. Love the shaft, does not feel heavy and very responsive. Would definitely recommend it.
  15. Surprised to hear the “soft” ball went farther then the other, considering the MGS ball test which found soft balls were slow balls.
  16. Thx for taking the time to post your experience on CC. When I have to choose who I get fitted with it appears CC will not be at the top of my list since I live in SC. Thx again.
  17. I agree. If not for MGS I also would not be playing the sticks I currently use. Also have a mixed bag. By the way, I got my driver using the MGS TrueGolfFit and love it.
  18. Frank/ Anderson, SC Shoe Size: 11wide Current Shoe Worn is FootJoy The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection is fit/comfort
  19. Frank/Anderson, SC RH Club I want to test is Hybrid 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular My back up choice is the Driving Iron 18* - KBS Tour 90 Regular Handicap -11 currently play a Hybrid
  20. Frank Anderson, SC Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 Handicap - 11 Swing Speed 80-83mph TSi2
  21. Frank/Anderson,SC Handicap - 11 Current Model Wedges Played - Cleveland CBX2 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - Looks
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