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  1. Walk. Half the game as far as I'm concerned. Knackering as well, especially this time of the year.
  2. Poor show. Send a Twitter message, that seems to spur them into action. 'Boycott these theves' etc etc. You never know.
  3. Excellent story. A little respect never hurt anyone and who cares what club you take as long as you get there.
  4. I think it'll be a ****** fest myself.
  5. You can imagine Trump in fatigues screaming after he's missed a putt , make that F_ _ ing hole three times the size as i get things done
  6. That'd be fun in winter when it's frozen.
  7. Played yesterday and it was like a football game, a game of 2 halves. The outward nine was excellent, played like a demon, inward nine, played like a donkey. Enjoyed the game but it could have been a blinder, oh well.
  8. Tried one out for a round but couldn't get on with it and so continued as was, putting still leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. Reading this makes me feel rather healthy, I've got a trashed knee, shoulder problem & just been diagnosed with diabetes.
  10. If it were up to me, I'd ban Combovers on the course.
  11. Yep, suffer them but not all the time. The problem is I don't know when & where they're going to strike which makes it somewhat tricky.
  12. Ha ha, it's all in the mind, buy a new club & improve. I'm looking at buying a new putter as the one I've got costs me too many shots.
  13. Play golf as long as I can would be my pick. As it stands, I'm better than some and not as good as others. C'est la vie.
  14. Played like a donkey from start to finish. Still, back for more punishment this week
  15. I don't think it's to do with the course, more so tradition, it's set in stone there are 4 majors, it's a standard. The issue would be raised if somebody won 19 and there'd been 5 a year.
  16. I don't mind who I play with but hate it when they start looking at all angles on the greens as if they're putting for a row of houses. Just talking about winds me up.
  17. I've never had the luck with this unfortunately. Would work well in Japan though as a hole in one is an expensive luxury there
  18. Hi everyone Lawrie's my name live in Somerset, UK play off 14 (some of the time anyway) keen sports fan, avid Arsenal fan, like F1, Moto GP, Cricket, Rugby - certainly the Internationals
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