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  1. First name and home state/province/country: Kevin - Idaho Current iron set, shaft flex: Tommy Armour 845 - Regular Flex Current handicap: 23
  2. I have developed an interactive map of Golf Courses in Idaho (http://idaho-golf-courses.blogspot.com) with the latest green fees. I also have them organized by region. These are public courses. I am working on creating a list of private courses for reference as well. I had developed this on a previous blog platform but it was extremely locked down. This should allow me to better upgrade the site and make it more useful. Please let me know your thoughts and any additional things that would help make this a better resource.
  3. Thank you! Good stuff! I am still getting used to the forum so thanks for pointing me to that intel!
  4. On the course and on tour I have been seeing a lot more of the fat putter grips. What is the advantage of these grips? I can see having them if your grip isn't what it used to be from hand issues. However, I am seeing younger people utilizing these grips and I would think it would diminish the feel of the putter. Is there an advantage rather than a detriment? Thanks!
  5. Yep in the Boise suburbs! But I am originally from Toppenish, WA. Grew up and worked on a farm out there. So was close to where you are now. Thank you for the welcome!
  6. After a night of fruitlessly trying to find contact info for multiple courses in Idaho in one easy location. I set out to make a resource that does just that. http://golf-idaho.strikingly.com/blog/idaho-golf-courses (Updated this link due to some site rearranging) This site has the golf courses organized by region and then I also developed an interactive Google map that has only the Idaho Golf Courses. In that Google map, it contains the contact info and current pricing when available. What I am looking for from you guys is any recommendations or critiques to make this a better resource.
  7. Hello everyone! I am a longtime golfer but just diving into the forum scene to try and get tips and tricks to continue to improve my game. There is not a whole lot about me I play my local public course in central Idaho and when I travel I try to play a course or two if I can.
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