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  1. Dave - Royersford, PA Winter practice? More like winter PLAY! (unless there is snow on the ground...) Past experience? Zippo. (Dad had "astroturf on our deck and we cut cups in...that was 30 years ago...does that count?) Medium 10-11 is probably the appropriate choice to match my club's speed.
  2. Dave - Gilbertsville, PA 5.3 HDCP - 105mph SS Taylor Made M1 (2016) Epic Flash Sub Zero
  3. What a great opportunity! I love the reviews from MGS members! 1. Dave - Royersford, PA 2. 5.3 index, 105mph swing speed 3. Taylor Made M1 (2016) 4. G410 Plus
  4. Anyone touch a Callaway Epic hybrid yet? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Congrats Testers! I eagerly await your reviews...$500 is pretty heavy so it'll be interesting to see if it's worthy of the money AND the buzz! Ironically, I've only seen one being games at Spring Ford CC so far, and that was this weekend! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. 1. Dave - PA 2. 8.1 index 3. Ping G30 LS TEC - 9° (adj. to 8.5°) w/ stock TFC 419D stiff shaft 4. 100mph - 250yd carry 5. Patrick Reed (USA! USA!)
  7. Foz, Ashton, JEC...well done! I need to get my stage three up first so I can avoid being both last AND least! I really enjoyed reading everyone's impressions!
  8. STAGE 2...from me to you! As with my other fellow reviewers, I'd like to again point out to all the loyal MGSers out there what an honor this is. Going into it, I had a couple of preconceptions. First, this would be easy. Friends, it is not! I hope you can see from our efforts that we're taking this pretty seriously for you! Second, that I would be able to formulate an educated opinion right quick and then move on. Nope! I laughed at the struggles of Tiger, Rory, Zach, etc. when changing equipment. Truth is, it takes a LOT of swings to adjust to new sticks, even if those stick
  9. Okay, y'all, how do I explain the elation that accompanies the arrival of that beautiful, long, brown box to one's door step? I must say that it is a child-like joy that a middle aged man seldom gets! So many MGS reviewers have expressed this in so many effective ways, I don't know how to say it any differently. In 1982 Santa brought me an Atari 2600. That was as good as it gets! I was convinced at the time each year would bring even greater delights! I was wrong. It was all down hill from there. Not that Santa didn't keep trying. He did. And he did a pretty good job, too. It was my
  10. WOW! I've never won a thing in my life...I feel like maybe this is a trick! Can't wait to get my hands on these things! I happened to be in a Goldsmith store last week and took a peek at them and they look and feel pretty sweet! Thank you MGS and Barbajo! I promise to make my review worthy of all the fine members!
  11. Not to be a buzz kill, but that looks like a 42 on the front for you, John! (Did you sign an incorrect scorecard?!?)
  12. Ball marks are a big one because one's laziness potentially affects everyone else's experience for a few weeks. Maybe "laziness" is inaccurate - sometimes they're hard to find so we try to fix what we see. It's those players who lack the awareness of his or her obligation to fix them that is the real burn. Unrated bunkers have cost me more than once, too. No excuses there...you can't NOT know you didn't rake your foot prints! Music on the course? not a fan. If I can hear it a fairway away, it's too loud! What you and your foursome do should not affect anyone else on the course.
  13. Dave - Gilbertsville, PA TaylorMade SpeedBlades - stock stiff shaft index 8.9 Do they come with a flat-brimmed cap, too? Because I don't look very good in flat-brimmed caps...
  14. Dave - Pennsylvania Ping G30 - 9* stock stiff shaft 100mph - approx 250yd carry
  15. I'm northwest of Philly - play at Spring Ford CC in Royersford. G30 driver (9 deg) Xhot2 3 deep pro (14.5) XR pro 20 deg. hybrid 4-A TM SpeedBlades TM 54/12 wedge Callaway 58/14 Mack Daddy 2 wedge Scotty Squareback
  16. nteresting info on the jumbomax grips! .I couldn't even bring myself to go with the Golf Pride MCC plus4 grips for fear of...actually, not sure what I was fearful of! Change I guess. I put jumbo on my driver and 3 wood and haven't noticed any negative effects.
  17. Congrats, testers! Can't wait to hear about the alignment...mostly because I 4-putted yesterday. Couple 3-putts, too. Not proud. Hoping to hear this putter works miracles!
  18. Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to some good chatter!
  19. So I think it's a really cool approach - science is cool - but it did occur to me that a 3-iron with a 6-iron shaft won't go as far as one with a 3-iron shaft. Likewise, a wedge with a 6-iron shaft will go farther than one with a wedge shaft. You get the picture. So has he tweaked lofts to get the proper gap between clubs? I imagine we'll be reading a lot more about him and his clubs in the near future, but I thought I'd throw this out there for discussion!
  20. Gotta say, I don't think golf is broken by equipment improvements, but I do think there's something to be said for the old days. Like you said, other pro sports tweak rules to improve the spectators' experience. Why not golf? More importantly, it is NOT unprecedented to have pros play with different equipment than amateurs. Imagine Bryce Harper with an aluminum bat?? Here's my idea: have a PGA event (ok, maybe an exhibition with PGA players) and have them all play a 1980's (or pick your decade) spec ball. One step further, have them all play the SAME 80's spec ball with the SAME
  21. I haven't touched a 2016 yet, but I'm a BIG SC fan! The feel, the sound...Bettinardi is the only option even close in my opinion! That said, I've recently adopted a new terrible habit of shutting the face on my Squareback. Anyone try different weights in their Cameron to address such a situation?I suppose I could just practice...
  22. Good morning, everyone! I'm TRYING to introduce myself...not really sure if I'm posting anything at all. I've been following MGS for about 6-7 months, but I'm new to social media (that's right...I'm the guy without a Facebook page!). Anybody out there?
  23. I joined about 6 months ago, but I've never introduced myself! I almost immediately benefited by this forum with the Snell ball...great call MGS! Anyway, believe it or not, I'm new to social media so be patient with me!
  24. name: Dave - Pennsylvania current putter: Scotty Cameron Squareback Desired tester: Tour Classic Common miss: left
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