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  1. I was first made aware of Mizuno's iron-making prowess by Tom Coyne in "Paper Tiger." His gushing piqued my interest to say the least. I'd LOVE to finally put it to the test! Dave - Gilbertsville, PA index: 8.9 SpeedBlade 85 steel shaft (S) i was NOT fitted for these irons (I'd like to see how that process works though!)
  2. I humbly volunteer to test the Carbon Ringo! Dave Jemo -- PA. I currently use a Scotty Cameron Squareback.
  3. Did you choose testers yet?? The reviews have excited me...I go back and forth between ProV1x and TM tour balls so these SNell balls sound quite intriguing! Index 8.4 60 rounds per year Home state - PA typically buy balls online, occasionally at Dick's
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