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  1. Dang! I had Russell Knox and never played him!
  2. I have a personal selection of the best of the Billboard Top 100 from each year starting about 1965 thru 1990 or so. It starts out with "Strawberry Letter 23" by the Johnson Brothers (as heard in the Quintin Tarantino movie "Jackie Brown"), goes into "In the Summertime", then "Lola". It's about 4 hours long. The intro to Strawberry Letter is a delicate xylophone solo. It reminds me of the delicate touch required in golf, then builds into a full refrain, like the full swing. The beat is perfect.
  3. They have many volunteer jobs. I usually get some active job, like runner between the scorers table and the clubhouse at a Symetra event, or signboy. But i see plenty of volunteers who sit all day next to one green in a lawnchair and never move from the spot, sometimes with their wives. They call them green marshalls or something like that. I think they are supposed to stop the hoards from trampling the green. Other guys volunteer to be shuttle drivers, shuttling volunteers around the course, back and forth from the volunteers center to various spots around the course. So there are plenty of jobs where you can sit all day. They never turn down a volunteer. They've always got something that needs covered. And you can always refuse to do a particularly tough job, they understand. #volunteer To get one of these volunteer gigs, contact the course membership a couple months prior to the event. Ask for the member in charge of the club relationship with the PGA or LPGA or whoever. He will know who is in charge of volunteer coordination. The Valspar Tournament now has a website up in advance, and they have contacts to the volunteer coordinator. So many of the big events have websites.
  4. Page 2: After I passed this couple on #2, I saw them again when I was on #14 -- they had gotten all the way to #7. #nolie #ignoresingle
  5. Instead of playing for a (lousy) score, set up regular practice sessions with a certified teacher. Set up regular weekly appts for your "me" time. Each practice session will be progress towards your goal of better golf. You'll feel better about your limited golf time. #practice
  6. I bought earbuds with over-the-ear clips for $20 at an airport kiosk to use with my MP3 player. I run the wire behind my back inside my shirt and drop the player into a pants pocket. With this setup, I can travel, jog or play golf. The earbuds don't budge.The music always gets me in a good mood, which great for my swing. #earbuds #music
  7. Steve Florida TaylorMade M1 Fujikura Pro60, stiff flex Driver SS: 96-99mph Thank you for the opportunity to try Mizuno products! #Mizuno #JPX
  8. I had 3 SkyCaddies before I saw the light of 30,000 pre-loaded courses. I got tired of guessing which 20 courses to download on the Sky Caddies. They started out only allowing 10 courses for download. I finally got a Garmin S1. So convenient to just glance at my wrist! And any course in the world, practically, already loaded. All I need is front, back and middle yardsges, but occasionally want yardage to hazards. So I just ordered the S4, on sale. I also have a Leupold G-1, but only use it on the range, where it's great. On the course, if I want a precise distance to something, but it takes longer. #GPS #watch
  9. Btw, I'm playing the King F6s and loving them. The F6 GW rolls out better than my SM5 50*, so the Vokey is out of the bag. I'm still learning to hit the F6 6, 5 and 4irons. They're just so long and i get excited and mishit them on the course. I'm working on my mechanics anyway, but am getting these irons dialed in. My driver ss is around 95-100. I hit the F6 4 iron 190 avg, 5i 180, 6i 170. I don't normally have that far into the greens on my second shots, but do occasionally. These irons are very controllable and feel great! You're gonna love 'em! #Cobra #King #F6
  10. Chksurfer, so sorry to hear about your hip. I have had a lot of sports injuries, and the main lesson i learned: don't go back to your sport too soon! Tough to do for many of us. However, if you completely stand down and let things heal, you'll come back stronger, and ultimately faster, than if you keep on nagging an injury. If your hip is more than sports-related, hope you get the treatment you need. Later, you may try Copper Compression shorts. I have a pair from Amazon.
  11. As you surmise, it's turf conditions caused by better drainage. I played Twin Eagles in Naples. The Eagle course measures longer in yardage than the Talon course there, but the longer course plays shorter. Why? Because they installed a 3 foot layer of sand over the entire course before they finished it with a final layer of earth and sod. That Eagle course drains better and faster than the shorter Talon course. So you get more roll on the longer course, your drives and irons get more distance. You're a club longer. I found it very gratifying to play and score better on the longer course.
  12. Kev, sounds to me like they watered the hell out of the greens, but not the fairways. That would account for your short of the green bounce and roll, but sticking on the greens. At Bay Palms, the ground is almost always a sponge. There is normally no rollout, only carry. However, we are currently in a drought, and there's lots of fairway roll. But our greens have changed the last few years (new greenskeeper) and are fairly firm. The false front is, and always will be, a wet sponge. Lots of ball marks in front of the greens. So the greens are receptive, like yours, but the softness in front means a lot of irons are short, due to no roll. When i played in Vermont, every club was 20 yds longer! Instead of a sand base, They had bedrock!
  13. Nice job! At least you're in the shade! I volunteered to be signboy at several of the Pods/Transitions/Valspar Tournaments as the main sponsors changed over the years. Walked inside the ropes with a group of 3 players and their caddies for 4-5 hours. Great to see these guys up close. Lsat time was 2015. I was with Bo van Pelt, Chez Reavie and Justin Thomas. This year i skipped it. Those hills really got to my feet and ankles.
  14. Here's mine. Got behind a married couple on the first hole. They were playing the 5,000 yard tees. I watched them tee off at 10:39. I watched them hit dink shot after dink shot, 10 yards at a time. The old guy was so doddering, he walked bow-legged and kind of shuffled sideways. He hit about 5 shots after his tee shot, finally told his wife to take the cart to the green while he decided to walk to the green from 120 yards. When i finally had room, i hit a great drive down the middle. Now i was right behind them. I yelled, mind if i play thru? They ignored me. Never turned around, never looked back. She drives behind the green, chips on. He hits it on from the front. She gets the flag out. They both putt. Out. All the way. In the hole. They both had to have made at least a 10. Maybe a 15. Each. Never looked at me. Never acknowledged that anyone else was there. They doddered down to their cart. Time: 11:00. That's 21 minutes to play one hole. Can say SLOOOOW? Yes, i should have skipped the hole and played it later. But I realized that after i hit a great drive on a 400 yard par-4. By the time I realized that he was going to walk/stagger the final 120 yds, it was too late. Then they putted everything out like it was the Masters. They sat in their cart between the first and second holes. After i holed out for double, the woman, with her back to me in her cart, just waved me on, never bothering to turn around. I ignored them the same way they ignored me, just drove by. Why do people insist on playing a full course when there are plenty of executive courses which they could actually have fun playing?#slowplay
  15. I've seen this. He was ignoring your request. It's rude. I've heard of guys who get in the face of these "And-I-am-gonna-put-the-flag-back" guys and say, "Don't ever pick up the flagstick on me, man! Don't rush me! I'll put in in myself!" (Phrasing!)
  16. I have Nature Valley granola bars in my bag. They keep for months ( except peanut butter, which melts). I also bring Gatorade, a must have in Florida in the summer. It took me a while to get used to playing in the summer here. At first, I couldn't finish a round, but got used to it. Bananas are great to refresh you without filling me up. All that said, if I'm playing lousy, sometimes it just ain't worth finishing. But that's pretty rare. At least i got my exercise.
  17. Reminds me of a couple stories. One time, i was walking up to look at a ball to identify it. One of my opponents yells,"That's my ball!" I said, ok, just checking. I keep going, start to lean down. I never touch a ball. Guy screams, "That's my ball!" Ok, i say, no problem, I wasn't going to touch it. Found out later the guy probably forgot to take his meds. A lot of members won't play with him. Another time, i was the passenger and my partner for the day was , i'll guess, well past middle age. He's yacking and speeding away. We get to a major road crossing, he pauses and looks at an approaching car doing about 50. The car's about 50 yds away when he guns our electric cart, scoots across the highway, hits a huge bump in the sidewalk on the other side, sends me flying out of my seat. Meanwhile, he never misses a beat of his ongoing one-sided conversation. At the next teebox, i jumped out of the cart and tried to get my heart rate down to 200. Fortunately I wasn't paired up with him again.
  18. USPS service depends on the dedication of each employee. We had a great carrier for years, collected on food drives, came at the same time, knocked on our door for deliveries of boxes.. Then he retired. Since then, we've had 2-3 carriers in 3 years, forgetting to bring boxes, delivering at all times of day. However, the UPS and FedEx drivers park down the street, then sneak up to my door and leave the box, half the time without knocking or ringing the bell. It's a game. I understand it, because i worked for UPS one Christmas season, and i know they overload the trucks, so there's no way to get a signature for every delivery (which is how we were trained) and complete your route with no overtime. So I blame management, not the drivers.
  19. You have no idea of the depth of incompetence of the Postal Service. The carrier admitted he's a golfer, but the real issue is the buyer gets a ton of packages. The carrier was used to dumping a load there, and forgot my package required a signature. The buyer realized he'd received the clubs without signing, and has no scruples or conscience. He simply claimed he never received them. As i said, the USPS is at fault, they admit having the clubs last. But they aren't going to pay me since they weren't insured. Had i been in less of a hurry, i would have skipped the eBay-offered mailing label and taken the box to UPS. Instead, i printed out the stupid eBay mailing label, asked for a signed receipt on delivery, and skipped paying extra for insurance. Lesson learned: buy insurance.
  20. I am both a buyer and seller on eBay. I was screwed majorly as a seller. Guy won the auction, but didn't pay for over a week. Auction was for a twice-used set of TM RocketBladez, listed at $700. He won at $500. After he finally paid in escrow via PaPal, i sent the clubs via US Postal Service, signature required, return receipt. Mail took a week, finally said "Out for delivery ". Status was Out for delivery for about 30 days. By that time i contacted buyer. He said he didn't receive the clubs. Finally had a US Postal Inspector investigate and interviewed the carrier. He said the guy gets a lot of packages and he forgot to get a signature. IG also said maybe thieves followed the truck and stole the package from the doorstep. Anyway, guy claimed he never got them. EBay finally sided with the buyer. I should have insured the clubs, but i trusted the USPS to do their job, so my bad, my loss. This entire process dragged out over 4 months. Lots of heartache, nashing of teeth. I think he got the clubs without signing, then just rode out the contoversy, knowing i had no proof of delivery. No doubt the USPS is at fault, but me, the seller, was the only loser.
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