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  1. 9 Oregon 110 / 260 (need spin reduction! help!) F7+ Love cobra clubs, especially drivers. Currently playing fly z+ with xstiff xcaliber shaft & zstar golf balls. Phone is android (nexus 6p) if that matters for Arccos.
  2. 1. Casey Cooper, OREGON 2. 9.6 3. Srixon Z Star / Srixon Z Star XV 4. 4 rounds/month
  3. Casey from Oregon 9.4 handicap 50 Typically used from lgb Using callaway supersoft. Love the feel and distance off the tee, but am not generating any stopping power with full wedge shots. Very interested in a ball that still still retains much of the positives of the supersoft with the added wedge spin and doesn't cost over $40 a dozen.
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