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  1. Awesome opportunity guys. I can't wait to see how this works out for you and improves your putting.
  2. I think taking a dogmatic approach to this topic isn't good. I think you need to look into how the flag is setting. If the flag is leaning toward you, then you should probably pull the pin. My approach will be solely dependent on what's going on around me. uphill, downhill, windy, wet, etc. I think more than not, i'll leave the flag stick in. I also believe it will be dependent on my playing mates too. I don't want to require someone else to have to put the flag in adding to time and what not. I definitely believe there's a lot of factors and definitely things to think about.
  3. I would say it's dependent on if I'm in the rough or on the fairway on how I address the ball. If I'm in the fairway, I'm a little closer to the ball and if In the rough a little farther away. I don't want to bump or move the ball.
  4. - Mark - Muncie, IN - 112 driver (unsure of long iron speeds), 5 Handicap - M4 4 iron 19 degree, Ping G30 22 degree hybrid Right Hand
  5. This is great information especially if you are not a feel player. My biggest problem is decelerating on the down swing and chunking wedge shots. I always joke with my friends that I'm the best at bogey holes from 100 yds and in. I will definitely be testing this out the next time I'm out at the range. I prefer to not hit full length wedge shots. My body gets all out of tempo when I do resulting in inconsistent ball strikes. Thank you for providing this video for us.
  6. I'm definitely interlock grip. I like feeling I have more contact with the club itself. Overlap just doesn't feel comfortable to me at all. I putt the same way with interlock but I forward press.
  7. Great stuff here. I wanted to game a 60 degree, but couldn't explain well enough to my wife why I needed a $180 club. I did hit them last spring and loved it. The feel off the face is like butter. I also felt more comfortable if I opened the face to do a flop shot.
  8. I would see if you could get the breakdown of the numbers from the different fittings. You could compare side by side each of the numbers to see which one provided the best results.
  9. Markelly82

    TP5 Pix?

    I bought a sleeve my last time out. I am not a huge fan of the color orange on the ball, but I like the concept. I also understand it's a little like the Callaway Truvis. During my putting stroke, I try and stare at the back of the ball. Having the X near the back of the line really helps me concentrate on the spot. This is just my opinion obviously. To each their own.
  10. I'm ready to read the details of the test. I'm more interested about the balls that produce the most side spin on the ball. It's pretty amazing to hear that balls were flying so far off line from a robot. I'm currently gaming the TP5, but I'm more than willing to consider something else. I have no real brand loyalty anymore. I was a huge Prov fan, up until I realized how much side spin the balls produced. I know some of the factors are my swing that attributed to the side spin. I also put a ton of back spin on the ball but come to find out it was my iron shafts that caused that. There's so many factors that go into this game. Another reason why you should be fitted for everything in your bag.
  11. - Mark - Indiana - Edel E-3 - I would say my putting is a weakness but it's gotten better being personally fit for my edel. I would be interested to see what Odyssey can do to improve my stroke.
  12. I'm currently having some troubles with my iron play. Last year I bought some new shafts. My previous shafts were for Ping S55 with CFS 1.5 extended. The old shafts put way to much back spin on the ball. Did I mention I'm 6'5"? The new shafts were KBS 130 X. I left them a half inch longer rather than 1.5. I have a common miss where I'm hitting my irons off the toe and they feel like they're chunks. The ball is barely going any where. I don't have the money for a "proper" fitting, but I want to stop these nonsense shots. I know there could be many different various reasons why this is happening, but would like some drills to help stop this. Any help would be greatly appreciative.
  13. This looks like a great opportunity. Good luck everyone
  14. I have an Edel putter and I absolutely love it. Their fitting system is second to none. It’s very involved. Coming away you’ll be way more excited about what you’re getting and the prospects in improving your putting. I spent almost $500 but a putter you can keep for 20 years rather than a driver which you’ll have to replace in 5. Go to YouTube and check out some of the fittings. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Peter Finch is solid. Randy from Fried eggs golf gives funny but good information in his videos.
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