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  1. Great thoughts here. I normally am thinking so much other stuff that I forgot some of the small things that would better help cut strokes. I may even add thinking through your second shot to help protect against short siding yourself. If you know your "typical" miss, which I know not all of us are in that boat. Knowing your miss can help you aim a little differently so as to avoid short siding yourself. I honestly need to do this much more myself.
  2. good luck with the testing, Men.... Can't wait to see you guys putting in work for these reviews...
  3. I tried this and was fit with a PXG driver. I was never considering buying one of there drivers bc they're too expensive. The secondary option was the Ping G410. I ended buying the later. I bought a Project X even flow shaft to go along with it. I normally test a lot of options prior to making a large purchase like this. Due to Covid, I didn't test any other options and just got the G410. A buddy of mine has the Taylormade Sim and it feels really nice coming off the face. It feels like it jumps off the face. I hate having buyers remorse but it seems pretty easy to get when it comes to golf clubs.
  4. I bought a Ping Hoofer bag in November last year and I love it. It has tons of storage for whatever you're needing to store. I love the tee pouch is right above the ball pouch. This is the second straight Ping Hoofer bag I've had. I'll never get anything else.
  5. I listened to this very intently. I have ALWAYS had cast clubs. If the wife allows it, I plan on getting fit for the new Mizuno JPX clubs coming out that are forged. I know it's a bad idea to be dead set on a set of clubs rather than playing the field, but I can't help myself. Those irons are so sexy... Or I'll go to the Taylormade P770's which I believe are also forged.
  6. I've been working with my PGA pro on my set up. My set up was leading to a lot of other problems in my golf game. I'm now staying more butt back chest up. I was previously more hunched over, but didn't feel like I was until I saw video of my posture. I would get stuck at times and have to throw the club down at the ball or I felt like I would have to stand up to help clear my hips causing me to blade it. My iron play has become more consistent and my wedge play has become more reliable. I used to dig trenches with my wedges. Now my divots have become much shallower. My main concentration to keep my posture is to work on keeping my head level throughout the golf swing.
  7. Good stuff guys. I'm leaning toward getting me a set of these wedges. I may wait a bit tho..
  8. Something I do, when I feel my touch is off, is to imagine I'm throwing a ball underhand to the hole. I imagine a spot on the green I want to land it and roll out. I actually swing my arm back and forth and imagine what it would take to get the ball to the hole. I actually do the same for putting for longer putts when I feel my touch is off. Sometimes I feel silly doing this, but if it shaves strokes, I don't care what people think.
  9. I just got a G410. I will definitely have to keep an eye out for this. I had a crack in the back on my G30 neck where the head goes into the shaft. You can clearly see the crack when you took out the shaft. I returned it to Ping in exchange for a G410. Great customer service and quick processing.
  10. I went through a driver shaft fitting for my birthday last month. The process was frustrating and tiring in the same right. The fitter ended up saying the shaft I bought for my G410 was better than anything I tried fitting into. I bought an Even Flow shaft to replace the normal shaft that came with the club. Also, the individual told me my swing was off, and that I needed to fix that first. Great thing to hear during a fitting. I prefer truth though rather than sugar coating BS. I went back to the pro I used to in order to have him take a look the day after. I am 6' 6" and I hit down on the ball quite a bit. I'm now working to hit up on the ball more. Kind of wish I would have known that prior to wasting $75 dollars. At least it feels like I wasted it.
  11. Markelly82

    JPX 921's

    I have never had a forged iron. I am strongly leaning toward getting fit for a set of these. If my wife allows it of course. These look so good. Would be nice to see a top line view of the club.
  12. I'm pumped to go out and buy a 4' ruler to work on my putting and see how it goes. I'm tired of sucking at putting and averaging 30+ putts a round.
  13. I have an edel putter so I would have to be really careful with putting lead tape any where on the club. I would suggest getting a SAM lab fitting to see if the putter needs better adjusted. I know it's not an economical option, but in the end may save you some money. I've spent around $60 just in grips this year, which has been extremely frustrating.
  14. Markelly82

    JPX 921's

    I want these. I hope to get fitted for some in the spring.
  15. I'm hoping the wife will allow me to get the new Mizuno irons coming out in Sept.... I have never owned a forged iron and Mizuno is second to no one.
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