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  1. I went through a driver shaft fitting for my birthday last month.  The process was frustrating and tiring in the same right.   The fitter ended up saying the shaft I bought for my G410 was better than anything I tried fitting into.  I bought an Even Flow shaft to replace the normal shaft that came with the club.  Also, the individual told me my swing was off, and that I needed to fix that first.  Great thing to hear during a fitting.  I prefer truth though rather than sugar coating BS.  I went back to the pro I used to in order to have him take a look the day after.  I am 6' 6" and I hit down on the ball quite a bit.  I'm now working to hit up on the ball more.  Kind of wish I would have known that prior to wasting $75 dollars.  At least it feels like I wasted it.  

  2. I have never had a forged iron.  I am strongly leaning toward getting fit for a set of these.  If my wife allows it of course.  These look so good.  Would be nice to see a top line view of the club.  

  3. I have an edel putter so I would have to be really careful with putting lead tape any where on the club.  I would suggest getting a SAM lab fitting to see if the putter needs better adjusted.  I know it's not an economical option, but in the end may save you some money.  I've spent around $60 just in grips this year, which has been extremely frustrating.  

  4. I saw the previous topic about the fix for the G30 issue but wanted to start another so as it doesn't get lost.  I was in a scramble event yesterday and was trying to turn down the loft of the driver but it wouldn't move.  I lightly tapped but it wouldn't budge at all.  I just screwed it back in and went on with it.  At the end of the round, I looked at it a little more closely.  There's a crack at the base of the head of the driver where the shaft goes into the head.  The crack is right at the back.  My first question is, what other ways have people gotten the head loosened and moved?  The second question is, how does PING normally handle issues with their clubs when there's a defect of this nature?  I am nervous to play with it, because it's only a matter of time before it snaps off.    

  5. I had a new mid-size MCC 4 align grip put on the club.  I also had the club bent to remove loft. I took it to where my PSI 7 iron is which was 32 degrees.  The weather has been awful here in Indiana so I haven't had a chance to take it to the range to practice.  I can't wait to have the opportunity to hit this club.  I'm hoping to change my mind about the club from the first outing. 

  6. 35 minutes ago, tony@CIC said:

    If you go back to my stage 2 you'll see the dispersion of several different heads and shafts on Trackman. I ended up with the SFT, R Flex and set at .06* and am continuing to get a very small dispersion on the course. This driver and corresponding setting is the most accurate and consistent that I've ever had.

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    Yeah I'm still getting used to finding where everything is on these reviews.  I'm still gaming the G30 LST and feel like it's a great club, but at times the dispersion is awful.  Did you get fit for a certain shaft, or was it purely stock?  I'm a huge believer that shafts are undervalued when being fitted.  

  7. I didn't read through the entire thread, so I'm sorry if this was already touched.  Right now, I'm struggling with my chipping and the consistency that should be there.  I don't have a lot of confidence that I can get a put up and down with I miss the GIR.  I'm looking for some tips and drills that I could implement to practice a little bit more.  I've tried the forward press of the hands and closing the face down a little and chopping down on the ball.  I've also tried the little forward press with keeping the wrists out of the swing, but I seem to chunk a lot of these chips.  I used to fully use the 60 deg when chipping.  Now I'll use lower lofted clubs to get the ball on the ground quicker.  

    Mainly, I feel like I have no touch right now with these shots and I'd really like to have that back.  

  8. I went to the range Sunday and broke out the M5 7 iron for the first time.  Again, looking down at the ball, the club looks amazing.  I feel confident that if I don't give a good swing, the club will still produce.  one thing I didn't mention above is that I'm 6' 6" tall.  Most of my clubs have been extended from 1.5 inch to .5 inches.  Also, I game a midsize grip.  The club is standard across the board.  The first couple of swings weren't great and didn't feel great off the face.  My typical bad miss is a toe chunk.  Once I got used to the size, the swings got better and the strikes felt more pure.  The ball flight seemed to be in the middle.  The flight wasn't overly low or high.  I looked online and saw the M5 loft was like 30.5, which is definitely strong.  The irons I'm gaming, the loft is over 31.  I plan on going to my course and having the iron extended by .5, regripped, and bending the loft to over 31.  I want to truly have a one to one comparison with my current iron.  I also don't want to have a large gap in between my 8 iron and 7 iron.  

    More to come on this review.   

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  9. Today, I was greeted with a lovely Taylormade iron box.  I walked into the door and saw the box and immediately asked my wife what it was.  She replied with, "I don't know.  You tell me?"  I started going through my mind about all of the searches I've done recently.  I got scared I pocket purchased a club on accident.  I replied with, "I swear babe.  I haven't bought anything.  Especially with out telling you first."  I opened the box and saw the below beauty sitting there.  I picked up the card and was surprised to see I had been selected based on my response to a post.  If I'm being perfectly honest, I can't even remember submitting anything to win the club.  But none the less, I'm thankful for the opportunity. 

    Based on my initial thoughts of looking down at the club at address, it's nice.  I don't have a feeling of oh shoot I have to be good to game these.  The wide top line provides the confidence.  The top line doesn't seem overly wide though.  I'm a single digit handicapper right now and I could easily see myself gaming an entire bag of these.  RANT INCOMING: (I really don't understand why most golfers want to have Blades.  I get the allure of the sleek nature of the irons, but from a performance standpoint, if you can't put little round wear marks in your irons, I really don't believe blades is best.  I know there can be outliers, but double digit handis definitely shouldn't be gaming blades.  The point of irons isn't to look the best while you're at address.  Save looking good for apparel.  I'd rather have an iron that performs amazing but doesn't look the greatest.  I understand the point of look good feel good though).

    In the coming weeks, I plan on providing my unbiased review of this iron.  I'm currently gaming the Taylormade PSI irons.  We'll see how big of a difference a couple years makes for technology.  I love the feel of the PSI's when I flush them.  It seriously feels like butter when cutting through the ball and the grass.  Coming from the S55's, it's amazing the difference in feel and forgiveness.  



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  10. This is great information especially if you are not a feel player.  My biggest problem is decelerating on the down swing and chunking wedge shots.  I always joke with my friends that I'm the best at bogey holes from 100 yds and in.  I will definitely be testing this out the next time I'm out at the range.  I prefer to not hit full length wedge shots.  My body gets all out of tempo when I do resulting in inconsistent ball strikes. 


    Thank you for providing this video for us.  

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