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  1. I wanted to see who here in the Mygolfspy community has purchased and Edel Putter.  I purchased an Edel E-3 putter last August.  So far, I absolutely love the putter.  I truly believe putting is a lot about confidence and with an Edel putter I have that.  My last round out I only had 26 putts, which is a personal best.  I am putting the ball exactly where I'm aiming the majority of the time.  I know when I miss it's a bad read or stroke and not because I'm aimed wrong.    


    If you've purchased one, what is your set up?  What was your initial miss when using the laser?  Did the Mygolfspy best blade putter review put you in the market to purchase?  Have you considered an Edel putter?    


    My set up: 2 lines to outline the ball on the top line of the putter.  37 IN ( Probably to much, but I am 6' 6".  I may look into making an adjustment.) I wish the fitter would have tried to fit me better with the height.  weight 7 in down in the handle (I play left hand low).  My initial miss was high and right of the target.  I had a Ping Zing putter with a line on the back.  Lines on the back always put me out right.    

  2. I am a member of a course in Indiana and the majority of the members walk.  It's really nice walking and makes me feel a little better when I'm done that I got significant exercise.  Always important to remember to take fluids and eat part way through.  Pros eat and snack through their rounds to keep their minds sharp.  I started packing PB and J sandwiches for my round to eat part way through.  I feel like it helps me to stay more focused.  

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  3. At times, I will buy a 7i off of ebay in order to test them longer.  Going to indoor hitting bays is good, but I have to hit it on real turf.  I want to see the ball flight and carry distance.  If you're truly interested, you could drop a little over $100 for one iron to take it through it's paces.  Like I've read from the other posts, I wouldn't change just for the sake of change.  If you are truly losing faith in your current irons, I'd be looking around.  Nothing is worse in golf than doubt in your equipment.  


    I have a ton of doubt in my S55's.  I truly love them and when I'm swinging well, the ball comes off the face super flush.  If my swing is off at all, they feel like I'm hitting a piece of wood.  I occasionally hit these toe chunks that piss me off.  I'm also not a fan of the blades for the 5 and 6 irons.  I need something with a little more forgiveness.  I've even been considering the P770's or "Hopefully" being picked to test these Ben Hogan Irons.  

  4. I appreciate the responses.  I enjoy thought provoking conversations.  I know it's hard to get numbers surrounding the shafts used without getting fitted by a pro.  If you have your own GC2 or Flightscope tools, you have the capabilities, but that's highly unlikely.  


    I know for the majority of lower handicap golfers on the forum, you've already been looking at your numbers.  The question was geared more toward lower handicaps or those that are looking for more consistent flight and distances, but haven't considered the shafts to be the culprit. 


    I fully admit, I need to be fitted for my 3 wood shaft.  At times, I can hook the crap out of the thing.  I figured the shaft may be one of the causes.  I don't have a bad hook with any of my other clubs.  Ultimately, I wish the cost for getting fitted wasn't so price.  I really wish the cost surrounding clubs wasn't so costly.       

  5. I wanted to get peoples thoughts on shafts.  I feel like a lot of what people look at are the clubs and not the shafts in the clubs.  When Demoing clubs, do you automatically go with the shaft you normally play, or do you get input from the reps?  


    I feel like more golfers should put more time and energy into their shafts (said tongue and cheek).  But seriously, I was using the wrong shafts for 4 years and didn't really think much about what shaft was in the club.  When I was asked which shaft I just said, "I don't know, stock."  I finally went to a Titleist ball fitting and the fitter said my back spin numbers were way to high.  He asked what type of shaft I had and I replied I don't know Stiff.  It started getting me thinking more about how important the shafts are. 


    I used a friends club that had a KBS C-taper X-stiff shaft in it and my jaw dropped with much my ball penetrated through the air.   


    There are so many shaft options out there, but they're just as important as the clubs being used.  


    Are you using the right shafts?  

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  6. I'm sorry if someone has already asked this, but how do you get the Donation tag added to your information, if you donated?  I recently realized the errors of my ways and decided to donate.  I should have done it a long time ago, as should everyone else that's interested in getting unbiased data.  The more data you have, the more knowledgeable you are, which makes you more dangerous.  If you're reading this and haven't donated, I urge you to realize the error of your ways too.   

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  7. If your handicap is around 18-22, I wouldn't worry about blades right now.  What I would keep an eye out for is game improvement irons.  Mygolfspy does great reviews about which game improvement irons are best.  


    Look for cavity back irons.  Cavity Backs will give you much more confidence when you're standing over the ball at address.  I would go to golf galaxy and test out any iron you feel could help you.  then go to ebay to purchase them.  You can get a good set of used irons for a good price. 


    As for the weight, just get walking.  spend time on the practice range chipping and putting then go chase them. 


    Good luck getting started again.  Most important thing to remember is to have fun and don't get discouraged.  All golfers had to have a beginning point some time.    

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    1. Mark Indiana


    2. G30 LS Tec 80 gram x stiff shaft inch extended

    G30 3 wood. 80 gram x stiff shaft inch extended

    Ping crossover 3 iron. True temper x stiff shaft

    4-PW Ping S55 KBS C Taper 130 gram x stiff inch extended.

    Edel tourque balanced putter 36 inches.


    3. 5.4


    4. My goal is to track my misses through excel so I can determine what areas I need to improve at. I would like to get my handicap lower and trust I can hit the shot I decided to hit in my head.

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