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  1. Mark: Indiana Current handicap/avg score: 5.4 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? No What is your current iron set? Ping S55 maroon Dot
  2. 1. Mark Indiana 2. 5.4 3. Ping G30/ Ping tour 80X shaft 4. swing speed 111/ carry distance 285 5. Wesley Bryan
  3. Mark Kelly Noblesville, IN My handicap is 5.4 Ping S55 Maroon Dot Irons. Inch and half lengthened Strengths: I know I can hit a straight ball that has a consistent ball flight, unless one of my weaknesses come out. Weakness: My shafts aren't fit to me and I put to much back spin on my irons, so I lose distance when hitting into wind. Also, I have inconsistent strikes on the toe that kills some of my shots...
  4. Mark Noblesville, IN 46060 Strenth's are small chips from off the green. Weakness is pitching from 120-45. I am 6' 7" and I frequently descelerate on the downswing causing me to chunk wedge shots. I previously hit the older model of the glide wedges at a demo day and loved them. I am in need of some new wedges and looking for the next models. Specs 52SS/56WS/60WS/RH.
  5. Mark Noblesville, Indiana I walk 25 plus rounds a year. It's my prefer mode of transportation.
  6. Mark Indiana, USA Ping G30, tour 80 gram stiff shafts 112 swing speed 285 carry.
  7. This would be an awesome opportunity. It took me 6 mo to decide which irons I wanted. I hit so many irons. I wanted to make sure it was the right fit. 1. Mark Noblesville, IN 2. 5.4 3. Ping S55 CFS stiff shafts 4. Yes
  8. Mark Kelly Noblesville, Indiana Ping Zing putter. Looking for an upgrade though.
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