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  1. Unfortunately this is golf in the US. Cart fees are what keeps most courses in the black. Sounds like your club has everyone taking carts factored into their budget, so therefore they need to collect that money from walkers as well so they meet their projected cash flow numbers. My least favorite part about golf courses in the US is the reliance on golf carts
  2. These videos might be of interest for you.
  3. Great. Maybe now they can change the venue PGA National is one of the worst courses on tour
  4. They are available outside the US, but Bridgestone hasn't had new US releases in a number of years
  5. What's next? How about PING do a damn retail release of his putter
  6. Yeah I admit I hadn't followed before last year. It just seems that there are some garbage circuits they race on that are great for qualifying and hot laps, but do not promote any sort of actual racing/passing.
  7. That is another problem too - Max just doesn't seem likeable. It he seems spoiled.
  8. My son and I really started getting into F1 last year, but man it isn't exciting at all when there is very little passing and Red Bull (and especially Max) just seem so much faster than everyone else.
  9. Why did you join a forum about golf equipment to tell us all we are idiots? Like you literally signed up and immediately posted this. I'm all for heathy debate but simply stating your opinion as facts (spoiler alert: theyre not) and talking down to anyone who will potentially disagree with you is not a good way to start a conversation
  10. Anyone who has lost their swing right before or during a big golf trip would never find that funny lol
  11. Echoing what everyone else has already said. It is The Golfers Journal and then everybody else. Nothing else is worth the paper it is printed on
  12. Really enjoyed last night's episode. God I love the way DJ tells a story in the way he edits.
  13. Nice! M4 is their stiff designation and it plays pretty true to flex.
  14. Accra makes FANTASTIC shafts. The FX series is designed to be a fitters dream. https://accragolf.com/fx-3-0-series-shafts/ Each shaft in the FX series has it's own properties 100 Series is high launch, 200 series is mid launch, 300 series is low launch. Every shaft comes in Driver, Fairway and Hybrid weights and they are designed to blend together during a fitting.
  15. Sweet that there's crossplay for this. My Activision ID is simply "jlukes"
  16. The wilson name resonates with the 60+ crowd and the bargain shopper. I don't see how anything changes. They tried to get more mainstream with their Golf Channel show with the driver design and that was a disaster and did nothing to change their brand perception. Sure they make great irons, but they aren't even in my Top 10 of irons I would try in a fitting
  17. Waiting for it to go on sale. Almost no changes other than grindy Micro transaction system (typical 2k garbage). Might just hold on out for the new EA PGA Tour game next spring Meanwhile, I'm addicted to the new Call of Duty. jlukes7 on PS5
  18. Without having read the blog post, the answer is as fast as comfortable/repeatable. Dr Sasho Mackenzie did this test with all types of golfers, and the results overwhelmingly showed that golfers had better dispersion with full speed swings vs when they tried to hit a "fairway finder"
  19. Shaft adjustment for length. Theres a collar on the shaft right below the grip that can be loosened that allows the shaft to be shortened/lengthened within a given range.
  20. I caved and bought COD for the first time since Black Ops II. I enjoyed the beta so I figured why not Having a lot of fun with multiplayer right now.
  21. DJ had just an incredible vision and story telling skill. My wife and I cannot wait for the next episode
  22. No issues for me. Only issues arise are when I fall into old habits and get too mechanical. Once I step back and refocus on my line, target and speed then i have no problem.
  23. Another vote for using the online vokey fitting tool
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