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  1. James White is inactive and for some reason every player is locked and I cannot make a transaction to pick someone up. not sure why I can’t pick up someone from the game tonight or tomorrow
  2. Part of the reason I switched back to the Tour B X after gaming the X S for 2 rounds was because I was leaving everything short with the putter. Just couldn't get a good feel for distance control with the X S
  3. In good condition face and top are clean. Minor paint chips along bottom. 35”, stock grip. Headcover included Motivated to sell and will ship asap asking $225 or best offer
  4. This - it is 100% a feel thing for Tiger. He can take spin off more than anyone in the game. I tried gaming the BXS because I love the feel, but it just spins too much for me on full shots and I cannot do anything to knock it down
  5. Yup. Could have broke for any number of reasons. There are people that have brand new graphite or steel shafts break randomly. Not common, but it happens
  6. Please keep politics away from this site
  7. Thanks shankster. I know members who’ve never tested anything on here or first time testers might not believe that being tester allows you to be critical of the product. That’s the great part about MGS testing - it’s all about being honest and thorough rather than being a product cheerleader. SuperSpeed training is akin to a baby going from crawling to walking. Sure, the baby will stumble and fall, but then he will figure out to sync up the different parts of his body to take smooth steps.
  8. Took a few weeks. Just stuck with the program and my timing sorted it self out.
  9. IMO the ball lab has much more value to the consumer over the the Driver CG report. The amount of time Tony is dedicating to Ball Lab is astounding and the information it will provide consumers with is hugh
  10. Evnroll ER2 or ER2B - 22 degree toe hang Evnroll ER3 - 25 degree toe hang Evnroll ER5 or ER5B - 25 degree toe hang
  11. There is a major pandemic going on. Most of the normal activities at the testing center have been delayed well beyond their normal schedule.
  12. Never really hit it, which is why I am going to mix in some of the advanced protocols - specifically the ground force and rotational ones. I hit 119mph driver speed about a month ago, but never broke 117/118 over the last month. Now the August heat and humidity could have played a role in that, but I feel like I never really broke through that 2nd wall. Hopefully the advanced protocols get me there.
  13. I am really happy with the improvement I saw, but I think I left some speed on the table. Starting next week, I will be doing the advanced protocols.
  14. Taking a small break until the my oldest son goes back to daycare next week. Will do it somewhat throughout the fall and then dive back in more in the winter
  15. This sums it up nicely
  16. Eveyone: hey how about an x5 with a slant neck scotty: sure, here’s a "limited edition” one with a $900 price tag I normally defend Scotty, but this awful
  17. Short answer: No Long answer: It is fun to read and compare, but no. Especially when you realize that his clubs tend to score better than others.
  18. So with this new site, we have to submit a lineup every week. Oh man, we are going to have a LOT of teams not submitting lineups throughout the season.
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