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  1. I think they can be a useful tool, especially if you are trying to teach yourself to better read greens - you can validate what you're seeing with your eyes. If you are going to use them, the key would be to not let them slow down play.
  2. Whatever makes you enjoy the game more. But to be honest, if I am paired up with a random guy on a Saturday morning during a casual round and he pulls out a green book every time we reach the green, I will shake my head every time.
  3. Golfshaffreviews.com is about the only site that you can find anything close to what you're looking for, but you have to pay/subscribe
  4. To be clear, the idea behind planemate isn't to simply get your club behind you. It is to get the club in a position where you can use your body rotation to square the club face more rather than your hands.
  5. The power fade that Dustin Johnson plays is a fade played with the club behind. However in order to do so you need to have maximum rotation and really get the hands in front through impact. Dustin Johnson's swing is extremely rotational. Brooks Koepka's swing has minimal rotation and is extremely armsy. Brooks literally muscles the ball. Not a swing most guys can get away with.
  6. Use it for practicing partial shots and chipping. It will really improve your short game
  7. I am sure it is posture and "standing up" out of the shot related, but it only seemed to get this extreme once I started the speed training. Very frustrating, especially because I was striping my irons like never before in Jan-March
  8. My path was very in to out with my miss being a hook (closing face too much). I worked with the PlaneMate since January mid January and my path has been much more neutral and my face has been much more consistent (much smaller draws and very few hooks). Since starting Super Speed, my path has gotten a little out to in and my face is wide open. I had two shanks during my round yesterday and 4 or 5 at the range today. I cannot tell you the last time I had a shank prior to sunday.
  9. Really concerned about patterns I am seeing on the course after my round sunday (I shot 88, my worst round in probably 5 years) and my range session today. I simply cannot square my face. My hands are getting very disconnected from my body and it's causing in out to in swing path with an open face that I just can't get a hang of. The speed gains on the radar or real, but the yardage on the course (especially with my irons) isnt there to show for it because I keep flaring everything to the left. Unfortunately due to Covid, I cannot work with my instructor right now so it is extremely frustrating. I havent hit a fade in over 6 years, but since beginning Super Speed training, my relatively neutral/draw flight has turned into fades and slices.
  10. Generally the same for about every driver due to roll and bulge and gear effect Hits low of center will spin more and and launch lower. Hits above center will launch higher and spin less. Higher launch and lower spin almost always equates to more distance. On top of all that, most drivers retain ball speed better on high/toe hits vs low/heel
  11. Double rain gloves is the only way for me with the protocols, especially because of the lefty swings
  12. My Mizuno BR d4 is plenty big, works great on my push cart and any riding carts I've used, and has a great stand mechanism.
  13. New personal record with the driver after training today Hit 117, 119 and 119 on three consecutive swings
  14. Rose isn't on their staff But some guy named Tiger Woods is
  15. I have a commercial grade driving range mat that I do my protocols on
  16. I'm a 3.8 and shot 84 on the same course I shot 77 on 4 days earlier. It's called golf and golf is hard. You don't think it's plausible for an 8 Handicap to go out onto an unfamiliar PGA Tour Level course in the pouring rain, in front of two of the best golfers of all time, and struggle?
  17. Give me properly fitted shafts no matter the cost, even if that means switching less frequently. OEM shafts might fit a good amount of people. Cost shouldn't matter if it fits. And everyone should be able to find at least a semi decent fit within their budget
  18. Mizuno M Craft II has been in the bag for my last 3 rounds and it's staying there for the foreseeable future. I'd been gaming my beloved Evnroll ER2 for the last 2+ seasons, but after spending a ton of time working on my putting green in the basement during the off-season, I realized that while putting was a strength for me, I seemed to be he missing something: touch. My ER2 is 370g and the oversize/counterweighted grips I have been gaming were between 100 and 110g. This really helped quiet my hands and wrists, but I realized this off-season that I was really lacking touch to my putting. My putting stroke just began feeling very unnatural with no flow or release, so I knew I needed to get something lighter. With the M Craft II, I have the 3g weights installed, which bring the head down to 345g and the more traditional Lamkin Deep Etched grip is only around 80g. I immediately noticed a smoother flow to my putting stroke - as if the putter was an extension of my body and hands rather than a large tool. The Mizuno head is just a beautiful shape and the feel off the face is just everything I want in a milled putter head. The confidence on the course continues to grow and I'm really happy to have made the switch to something that seems to fit my natural "feely" stroke rather than trying to fight it.
  19. As someone who has both, I agree. Orange whip is more of a warm up tool and tempo trainer than speed trainer
  20. Played 18 this morning and figured things out with the driver about 1/3 of the way through the round. And I absolutely started pounding the ball. Week 2 is a compete and rather than posting the same spreadsheet week to week I thought I'd mix things up. I really was hitting my 3 wood and hybrid well today and when I got home I took some swings on the launch monitor to confirm what I was seeing on the course. I play a 21* head, lofted down to 20* and 1/4 of an inch shorter than the standard 3 hybrid. Typical carry has always been about 225 to 230. Not anymore And my Ping G410 LST 3 Wood that carries about 244-248 off the deck?
  21. Tiger loves all the spin he can handle because he can lean the handle forward and take it off whenever he wants. No surprise the irons he designed spin a lot.
  22. This. And then on top of that, everyone reacts to different feels/flexes/weights uniquely so a shaft that makes one golfer shallow out more could make another golfer come over the top more.
  23. As a result of my TrueSpec fitting the jpx919 tour irons I play are bent strong. I do not notice any negative turf interactions, though I am quite shallow and thus less bounce is helpful for me
  24. Yeah definitely not equipment or lag related. More related to how I am rotating and how active my hands are.
  25. A little bit of both. Open face for sure. Path varies now. Hoping with time my sequencing will improve with the new speed
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