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  1. Equipment: Lower spin ball, lower spin driver head, less loft Swing: More upwards angle of attack, higher strike location on face
  2. You should just start a thread where you list your ideal set with loft breakdowns. Maybe put it chart form. Would be pretty unique.
  3. Hideki is a great golfer and an absolute legend in Japan, but he isn’t someone that Srixon can or has built a marketing program around.
  4. Well he was still being paid by NIke. So he was essentially getting paid by Nike to play whatever he wanted. If he signed another deal then it would have offset the Nike deal so he never signed anything. I guess his Nike equipment contract is finally expiring
  5. he’s been gaming the ZX7 irons all year and has been seen with a Srixon driver cover in his bag this week would be the first major club sponsorship deal by Srixon
  6. I know another guy that used to talk about how cart bags had 15 club slots so he thought he should maybe carry 15 clubs It was a pretty Nifty idea
  7. Something tells me that Adam never intended this to be about having a meaningful conversation - and he did everything in his power to prevent a meaningful conversation from happening on that podcast
  8. What happens when the government imposes a corporate tax? Who do,you,think ends up paying it in the end? congrats, we now get free fittings. Also, drivers are now $700 which drives even more people to the secondary and online market and further away from retail
  9. Really looking forward to the MGS testing facility opening their doors to the general public so they can come in and get fit for clubs so they can then turn around and go buy their clubs online. I’m sure Adam and the folks running the test facility have the time and resources for all of that. ya know, because it’s good for the average consumer edit: just saw @RickyBobby_PR’s post regarding MGS should offer free fittings. great minds
  10. Not anymore. Golf Galaxy now charges you $100 for the “fitting” and you get the money rolled into the purchase cost if you buy from them. And they can only fit with whatever shafts they have in the OEM fitting carts
  11. Love MGS, but it’s foolish and irresponsible to make a blanket statement that all club fittings should be free I made it through less than half of the podcast before I had to shut it off. Kudos to Ryan for trying to explain his point thoughtfully. I wish I could say the same for the MGS side of things And a big eye roll to the Free Fitting T-shirt tweet sent out. Not a good look
  12. Shouldnt. Rogue and Epic alternate release years.
  13. Sounds like your stock shot is just fine and what you really need to do is work on technique for a knockdown shot. No need to change anything for the full swing
  14. My wife and I have had our Peloton for about 9 months and we absolutely love it. I ride outside on my regular bike when it's nice out, but when the weather is bad and/or I need my ass kicked in a workout I ride the Peloton
  15. $omething make$ me pretty $ure he won't $witch back
  16. If Club Champion and Golf Galaxy (who both use Trackman for their indoor fittings) don't come out an announce that they will be using these balls for all of their fittings, then it goes to show that those two companies aren't really concerned with the quality of the fitting they provide.
  17. "Certified Fitters" simply mean that they've read OEM sales brochures and can repeat back the information to customers.
  18. As @PMookie stated, the only thing that matters is what is happening at impact. Now there are things that can be done before and after impact to help increase the chances of it being in the right spot at impact. Also, plane/path mean absolutely nothing if you cannot control face angle
  19. There used to be another guy here that used to take every thread off topic and make it about building his own custom set with specific lofts, flatter lies and open faces on his woods. I forget this name. Man, what a coincidence
  20. If you want the clubs ever, keep the order. Lead times aren’t going to get better any time soon.
  21. It’s basically their entry into that particular market, which in the US really only XXIO. Predominately you see releases like this in Japan but you’ve seen this lighter and expensive stuff starting to launch stateside over the last few years
  22. Sounds like you’ll love true spec. Just make sure you watch this before you go!
  23. The $100 difference is more than worth it. I got fit at True Spec NYC in 2019. Here is a review of my experience
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