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  1. Things like head weight, blade length, and center of gravity all influence how a shaft can bend/feel during a swing
  2. Check out Galloway Bay. They won MGS most wanted a few years ago and are having a huge sale right now
  3. Players going for a virtual fitting are rarely going to want a ball that performs worse. Unless they tell the rep that they want a cheap ball that goes far and they don’t care about spin with approach play then velocity is never going to be the answer
  4. The oldest club in my bag is my beloved Titleist 818 H2 21*. I have it playing 20* and flat with a Tour AD DI 85x shaft. This hybrid doesn't go left for me. I can hit it high and hit it low. I can even fade it! So of course why not see if I could replace it! I went to my usual Golf Galaxy in Oxford Valley PA this morning with the idea that I was going to try the new Titleist hybrids to see if there was a more optimal fit. I worked with Ben, and he was awesome. Unfortunately they didn't have any X flex hybrid shafts in their fitting cart, but that didn't matter as I wanted to tr
  5. Mine has been ordered since before the press release
  6. One thing of interest is having the 20 degree head naturally rather than having to loft down on the 21* H2. Hybrid fits a very specific need for me (want about 230 carry) with a flight capable of holding greens, but still able to flight down if I want.
  7. 818 H2 is the longest tenured club in my bag. The TSi3 is on my radar - if it could get me about 3-4 yards more carry on my stock shot while maintaining spin and peak height that I have now it could be possibility.
  8. Only rolled indoors. Just couldn’t beat out my M Craft II 34.25” Ping PP58 Corded grip with white text colored in Headcover and weight kit included Asking $255 OBO. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Will ship ASAP
  9. Yup. Same sleeve and same moveable weight system as the 410plus
  10. My Prov1x Left Dash and 2021 ProV1s from my virtual fitting finally shipped and should be here early next week.
  11. Spend the extra money and get a fitting and peace of mind.
  12. If I wasn’t getting a new phantom 5.5 the spider x without a cheap paint job would be a purchase
  13. Yup. He’s the best ball striker on tour. The Taylor made equipment staff said his approach to the game and mindset during tournaments is the closest to Tiger that they’ve ever seen. They said Collin is every bit the competitor, but somehow does it with a much more laid back attitude He and Hovland have jumped into my must watch list.
  14. To those that got the 2021 balls, how soon after your virtual fitting did you get them and how were they shipped?
  15. Using trackman indoors to verify spin is a mistake as trackman often has to guess at spin numbers when it cannot see the full flight. It puts the spin numbers in italics when it does so. that being said, the new ProV1x is supposed to spin a little more and is the spiniest tour ball in Titleists lineup
  16. Funny you mention it. Pretty tired today. Arm where I had injection is super sore. Some joint pain. Not much of an appetite. But started feeling better later in the day.
  17. Got my first vaccine dose this morning (I’m on an immunosuppressant drug) feels great and cannot wait to get my 2nd dose in 3 weeks
  18. This was filmed less then two weeks before the tournament so they weren’t allowed to play the back tees or hit from the fairways. The mats go away after the tournament
  19. Soly from No Laying Up is a +1. They played from the Gold Tees at just over 7,000 yards. He shot 85
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