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  1. jlukes

    Ping G410

    Just had my first range session. First round is tomorrow!
  2. Agreed. You're not going to find a better bang for your buck.
  3. I think data is extremely important and the numbers launch monitors provide are invaluable. I would caution about chasing numbers through equipment though. Many times a person's optimal numbers are limited by the characteristics of their swing and no amount of fitting is going to give them "optimal" numbers
  4. jlukes

    Ping G410

    Haha this is my glorious setup. Good camera helps, but so does shooting in RAW and editing in Adobe lightroom
  5. Great to hear you're loving the F9 @chisag. Heck, I even did TrueGolfFit and it recommended the Cobra F9 for me, but every time I demoed it, including one fitting with multiple shafts, I just couldn't get any consistency. I love cobra and after absolutely loving the F8+, i thought the F9 would give me the ballspeed the F8+ was lacking. Well while I got the ball speed increases, with it came inconsistent spin numbers and a ball that just wanted to go left. I was heartbroken. I was ready to open my wallet, but the performance just wasn't there for me with it.
  6. He hasn't received his Ping yet
  7. Haha well I some carry over vacation days I had to use by the end of the month and since the weather hasn't cooperated for golf, I got to spend them playing Division 2! Chem launcher healing for life. I am doing a survivalist specialist build right now and flame turret is life. Setting everything on fire and doing extra damage to burning targets with my guns!
  8. I'm already in world tier 4. Love this game. Psn JLukes7. Don't use a mic most of the time
  9. Interesting - it appears Evnroll did extremely well in the 10 and 20 ft sections, but didn't do as well in the 5ft section
  10. Just ordered a pack. I'll post my thoughts when I get them. Always looking for cheap gloves to use on the range
  11. ^^^ my thoughts exactly. Lower body is either stalling or moving too much laterally, so you are literally trying to save it with the hands.
  12. If you are hitting true lob shots, then you shouldn't be sucking the ball back. True lob shots come out with very little backspin relative to a full swing with a square face. No ball is going to make a true lob shot spin back any crazy amount. Spin is generated via cub speed and technique. A lob/flop shot comes to rest(stops) quickly because of its steep land angle, not because of a ton of back spin. No one tour ball is going to magically do something another tour ball cant
  13. Love seeing @yungkory getting chosen here. Awesome dude and better tester!
  14. Didn't you just order a TS3 after a fitting?!
  15. These two threads should give you more than enough information on the tech and performance
  16. Ap1s are definitely in the game improvement category
  17. My fellow testers and I are humbled by all of the support we are getting after being selected. We're going to do the forum proud with the amount of effort we all put into this testing.
  18. Interesting read. Tape on the face and a lie board would have been issues for me. If I'm going for a fitting, I'm paying to get fit with my actual numbers. Carry numbers and spin aren't accurate? Then how can he possibly accurately fit you? And a lie board is outdated and often causes more problems then it corrects. I hit a draw, but deliver my irons toe down. If I were to get fit on a lie board I'd have my clubs bent more upright - which would turn my draw into hooks. I hope your clubs work out for you
  19. Awesome! Several other forum members and I will be reviewing the G410 over the next few months. Be sure to check out our thoughts in that thread and post your own once you get yours!
  20. It's rainy and I have a bad cold, but that doesn't stop me from rolling a few
  21. I've been stuck behind MANY MORE slow players in carts than slow walkers.
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