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  1. Would love to try to help you out - is it possible for you to upload this to youtube so they don't need to be downloaded? Also - which video is most similar to what you have today? Seems like most of the videos are from a year or two ago and I don't know what is most recent
  2. So the Presidents cup with even less talent on the International side?? Absolutely not The only way this would be remotely interesting would be if it was a mixed field (PGA and LPGA)
  3. Welcome to to forum and great question. I suggest making a short list of what you are looking for out of a technology solution and then me or someone else here could help steer you to the right product!
  4. So serious question: How do you intend to hit your scoring goals when you change equipment so much? I used to do the same thing until I realized that constantly changing equipment, while fun, often hurt my golf game. Once I got my bag fit to me I stopped switching clubs and my handicap dropped too
  5. Ha! I used iron covers for like 3 weeks when I got my set of srixon 545s. Was only going to use them for transport. Those were dark times in my life that I don't really like talking about
  6. As cnosil said, lofts are irrelevant. All that matters is carry distance and does the club do what you want it to do. (Off the tee, off the deck, etc)
  7. Another central jersey guy! HELL YEAH Heron Glenn is great. My buddy plays there a few times a week - he is in the mens league. Havent gotten up there yet this year but hope to get there this fall. Welcome to the forum and hit me up if you ever want to get a round in. I am down by Princeton!
  8. Yup just finished it. Love when KVV is on.
  9. The brushed steel doesn't wear too well to my eye. It doesn't stay has "clean" looking as the Polished Steel, and it doesn't wear as evenly as the Black or Raw options
  10. Laughable hole for me on Saturday. Par 5. If you hit it far enough the ball hits a downslope and can really run out. Well, with a little wind at the back, I did just that and hit the dry New Jersey soil and left myself a measly 117 yards into the green (almost a 400 yard drive!!) had a straight forward gap wedge into the green -- which I prcoeeded to SHANK almost pin high into the adjacent fairway (ball flew over some tall native grass). I was pissed, but I grabbed my 58 and did the walk of shame to down to my ball. Had about 75 yards left and I could only see the top of the flag stick because the shot was so up hill. Hit it to 4 feet and made my birdie. Just how I drew it up on the tee box! Drive of a life time, shank, incredible lob wedge, tap in birdie!
  11. My favorite golf podcast and golf content creators. Their interviews are fantastic
  12. So you by any chance have the steel shaft that it used to have?
  13. Somerset County has some great courses. Neshanic Valley is awesome. Quail Brook is a good time, as is green knoll. Mattawang in Montgomery is always in great shape (I worked there over 20 years ago when I was in HS). Heron Glenn on Route 202 in Flemington is fantastic. My “home course” is Mercer Oaks in Mercer County
  14. Ah. I know it is different for the V series
  15. I grew up in Hillsborough. Lives in New Brunswick for a few years with me now wife while she was getting her masters at Rutgers. Live just south of Princeton now. What are some of your favorite spots to play?
  16. Yes! Another central Jersey muni guy! Let’s me up for a round!
  17. Lengthening the putter will increase the swing weight and technically makes it feel heavier So if you want it to feel lighter just go with the lighter head As for length, don’t use length to play with swing weight. Length should be fit for your stance/stroke. Find the length that is most comfortable and adjust head weight based on what feels best for you If you want a 33” putter with the two dot (370) or one dot (355) the you can order a custom putter from Evnroll One Dot 355 Two Dot 370 Three Dot 385
  18. That new secondary top bar is so good. Such a little change, but makes in INFINITELY easier to navigate between forums
  19. https://mygolfspycom/first-look-ping-2023-putter-line/ PING’s 2023 putter line features 10 new and reimagined classic putter models. The line includes both milled and PEBAX insert faces. Pre-orders begin Sept. 13 with a MSRP of $300.
  20. Here is the thread for the ChipR! That being said, it is important to understand your own game and what you are comfortable. I went from PW (45), 50, 54,60 to PW, 52, 58. I made this change because I am really comfortable hitting partial wedge shots so the big degree gaps between my PW, 52, and 58 dont really bother me. There are others that have kept the same wedge setup and removed a club at the top of the bag. Not a one-size-fits-all solution!
  21. And it’s not the big bombshell the social channels teased it to be. Did a disservice to John and all the work he put into the article IMO
  22. I’m down just South of Princeton now. Grew up in hillsborough. Played architects a bunch. you must live pretty close to Morgan hill! Played in a few outings there. Really fun course Really looking forward to what you have to say about the golf mental game. Maybe we can get in a round together this fall and you can analyze me on a forum post!
  23. I found it funny that Finch is partially funded by the same group that funds LIV, yet Finch was playing in a Pro-Am with Ryder Cup Captain Luke Donald this past week.
  24. I think Ian chose his 54 because he takes full shots with it as well as partial shots. Therefore, I would chose the wedge you hit the most variety of shots with and for most people it SHOULD be somewhere in the 50-56* range.
  25. Sounds like a mental things. I cant recommend "Unconscious Putting" by Dave Stockton enough. It changed my mental approach to putting drastically and turned it into the strength of my game.
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