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  1. Just finished editing all of my photos In Lightroom. Going to start putting my review together over the weekend with the goal to have it posted early next week!
  2. Haha my review is done with them, but I’ve given them to my brother in law for him to try for the rest of the season and I’ll be posting small updates regarding his time with them after I post my official review
  3. To be fair I got one of the sets of sensors I have for free through CCC so I wanted to pay it forward
  4. I have two sets of Arccos caddie sensors and I figured I could go down to one set now. The cost for you? Free99 (you still need to pay for a subscription) How do you get them? Simply post in this thread about why you want the sensors and how you’d use them to make you better. I will pick a “winner” on Sunday after the conclusion of the Ryder Cup and then ship the sensors free of charge
  5. First round (and first time swinging a club) in 3 weeks due local courses aerating, rains, flooding and me having a hell of a cold Decided to take my usual set out and not use Arccos. Played surprisingly well given that I had some rust to knock off Shot +6 78 with two double bogeys from lost balls off the tee. Other than those two swing I played really well. Struck my irons about as good as I ever have. The workout program and swing speed training I’ve been doing has given me about a half a club more distance with the irons which was great to see. Burned a bunch of lips on some short birdie putts but did get two to fall
  6. Yes, Contact ping. Inserts coming out, warping, or caving in can have a big impact on performance.
  7. Cmon man - you know how the game works. You of all people are not one to buy equipment when it is brand new just because you want new equipment. And most of the "averages Joes" are in the same boat - they aren't out there buying new equipment when it comes out just for the sake of buying it. I mean think about it - if you are doing things the right way and getting fit into equipment - you should really only considering buying a new driver once ever 3-5 years. So is $50 more for a new driver every 5 years really that big of a deal?
  8. https://mygolfspy.com/the-increasing-costs-of-drivers/ Some good stuff in that article. Also PINGS is just catching up now to the other big OEMs that had already increased their price over the last few years.
  9. Shipping expenditures in July 2021 were 43% higher than they were in July 2020. That is ocean, air and over the road. It's not just the material costs themselves - it is the entire supply chain
  10. Bingo. Price of metals have gone up. Price of rubber has gone up. Cost of shipping, especially overseas as gone WAY up. These are real costs of doing business, and unfortunately businesses have margins to maintain and often pass price/cost increases to the end user. It sucks, but it's unfortunately how business/capitalism work
  11. Dr. Sasho Mackenzie did a study with golfers across a range of handicaps and all golfers were found to be more accurate when swinging faster than when trying make a “fairway finder” swing
  12. If I could mix up my bag my changes would be: Radspeed XB Driver in 9* -- I could use a little more spin. Unfortunately the 9* XB was unavailable during my fitting Radspeed Tour 5 wood -- this would replace the 3 wood and serve as my 2nd shot club into Par 5s King Tec Hybrid -- 4H would take the spot of both the 7 wood and 4 utility King Utility 2 Iron - This would be my secondary off the tee club
  13. So fellow CC5 participants, I want to pose a question. Given that most of us have had time with some or all of the clubs, are there any changes you’d make to bag composition if we were given the opportunity to make some switch outs prior to the challenge starting?
  14. Yeah I’m anxious to get things going too. We just got some catastrophic flooding here so probably won’t be playing for the next week or so
  15. Carry is measured if you are hitting balls on the course or at a range and it can track the ball the entire time. Carry is calculated if you are hitting into a net by factoring in ball speed, launch and and spin (which is also calculated/estimated most of the time)
  16. How the hell can a unit give you accurate carry distances or ball flight trajectory, direction and shape when it cannot properly read spin? spoiler: it can’t
  17. MGS review is up and they did a great job of making it sound better than it actually is. Need 16ft of flight (good luck getting a net big enough to allow that) Driver RPMs off by hundreds and iron and wedge RPMs off by thousands Sometimes reading fades as draws and vice versa? $600 gets you that? No thank you.
  18. I found the changeable weights really made a difference. Had an M Craft I and still have an MCraft II - both feel much better with the 3gg weights (345g head weight) as opposed to with the 8g weights (355g head weight).
  19. They don’t necessarily get to choose the exact ads, but they absolutely get to choose where the ads are located and how they interact with the site
  20. Eh I am all up in the google ecosystem so that wouldn't make a difference. Plus i like having everything synced across devices. Yup and when you finally click the magic spot to get them to go away they reappear midway through making a long post and cover what you are typing. Great user experience! It's painfully obvious the ones making the advertising decisions aren't actually using the forum
  21. The ads on mobile (iOS using chrome browser, so no ad block option) theyre friggen ridiculous now there are ones that animate , shrink the screen and you can’t click anywhere until they are done animating. Give us an option to pay a yearly fee have an ad free experience or make it so a certain donation gets no ads they are becoming more and more intrusive and have led to me browsing and posting less because they make the experience less enjoyable
  22. Are you playing as a single? Just really going to be always an issue unless you are playing late in the afternoon
  23. The Radspeed 3W has been one of the highlights for me thus far for sure.
  24. G410 LST. It was my baby. My stenson 3w. Then 3 weeks ago i noticed the face was caving in. Ping sent me a g425 LST as a warranty replacement.
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