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  1. There was a similar post on Instagram regarding the titleist testing. Made it sound like you had a chance to get selected to just liking the post
  2. First round with my standard size grips ( removed the crossline plus grips and put on standard tour velvets ) and man what a difference in comfort level. Hit the driver the best o have since I got it and the irons we’re definitely more manageable. Wedges were great on approach shots. Course was in really poor shape around the greens which led to some brutal lies and awful chips, but still scratched together a good round.
  3. We just finally started receiving the final pieces of equipment. The challenge should start around Labor Day and there will be a new thread created for it
  4. Speed, strike point and dynamic loft are the 3 main variables in creating spin. Simple video and explanation here https://blog.trackmangolf.com/spin-rate/
  5. Haha the headcovers are something I purchased by myself from their website
  6. The bags all here! Excited to get the challenge started soon. Love the stand mechanism on the bag. Will make it perfect for using with my clicgear. No dedicated putter spot, which is something I enjoy but will make do without. Seems a little light on the pockets relative to other bags in the same weight category
  7. Not a purchase, but my warranty replacement on my g410lst 3w arrived. Hit it at the range yesterday and it was wonderful
  8. Shouldn’t really be any difference in spin. It’s the same shaft profile. Only difference is the lower weights in the long irons and slightly lower weights in mid irons. Could be that you are striking it slightly lower on the iron face due to iron head/sole design and that is giving you some more spin
  9. That is correct. Ping has had to temporarily closed their factory in Vietnam due to the Covid lockdown
  10. I might have missed it, but to the testers get to keep or have the option to buy the driver they like the best?
  11. Yup I’ve used him a bunch too. He will tell you exactly what he has in stock so there is no mystery of why your order isn’t be fulfilled
  12. This worked for me. I even went to a store to confirm and they were within 1sw point http://www.leaderboard.com/SWINGWT.HTM
  13. You have to remember that equipment we are seeing released now was likely manufactured over the last year. I think it really next year's releases that are going to be impacted the most from manufacturing and supply chain shut downs. With components, what is the difference if an order for old heads or new heads are delayed because of a shaft or grip shortage? OEMs run much leaner Just in Time inventory operations today than they did a 7-10 years ago - my guess is that the OEMs are already pretty low on their current product inventory due to manufacturing shortages and they wouldn't be releasing a new product in this environment if they were sitting on a huge pile of current generation heads that have not been sold yet.
  14. Yup love the 95g pistol on my custom ER1v
  15. I think you have two issues: Production (of heads) and Sourcing (of components). Some companies over-ordered shafts and grips to stock their build shops so they could be prepared for this. Other companies clearly operate a more lean operation where they order certain shafts/grips in more of a Just In Time fashion. Heck - TXG - a custom build shop - ordered tons of heads, shafts and grips to prepare for this and mentioned on last week's livestream that they don't really have any delays in building customer orders right now.
  16. My guys at Golf Galaxy yesterday told me that they have customers with custom orders from Cobra from early April that have not been fulfilled yet.
  17. Ping MFG plant in Vietnam is shutting down for at least two weeks. Only going to add to the custom order ping delays.
  18. It's funny - I was in Golf Galaxy yesterday talking a few of the guys I always see there and they said Callaway and PXG are the only two manufacturers that were seemingly prepared for the supply chain issues. They mentioned Cobra and Taylormade being the absolute worst for delays on custom orders this year.
  19. So MGS just released their Most Wanted Hybrid testing results and the Cobra Radspeed did pretty well. The only con listed? Most testers were not fond of the stock grip Why cobra chose to go with a non-tapered grip as a standard choice this year is really puzzling
  20. Some OEMs measure length to the end of the grip cap some to the shaft. Crazy Titleist - end of shaft. TaylorMade - End of grip cap Mizuno - End of grip cap Ping - end of grip cap
  21. Aligned the soles of the irions. Using the white stripes on the grip for comparison with connect sensor installed on the cobra club
  22. PSA TO ANYONE BUYING CLUBS WITH COBRA CONNECT GRIPS When we originally placed our orders, I had my clubs ordered at playing length + .5 inches to account for the sensor. However, cobra told us to just order at playing length and they would figure everything out. Well, turns out the playing length with the cobra connect grip includes the part of the grip that houses the sensor. Being that I just regripped all my clubs with regular grips, guess what I just discovered? All of my clubs are now .5" under my standard playing length. Ugh. So be advised - if you ever order something from Cobra with the connect grips, either plan on always regripping with their special grips, or order .5" over your standard playing length if getting the smart grips.
  23. Yes. I will just put the Arccos sensors we were sent to baseline our normal set onto the cobra grips It really is mind boggling that an OEM would want to represent their product this way
  24. They’re legit. I’ve purchased from Ksouth before. All his stuff is
  25. I am 100% committed to this challenge and review. Just dropped over $130 to have all my cobra clubs regripped They all came with Crossline Plus grips (wasn’t on my list of 4 grips choices). Love the crossline, but the Plus version has the bottom hand built up so it doesn’t taper ( similar to the GP Plus4). This is great for some, but for me and my small hands (size small glove) it felt really unnatural gripping the club. After today’s disaster of a round I took my clubs to my local golf Galaxy where they had plenty of standard Tour Velvets in stock. After 20 minutes I got my clubs back and instantly had a sense of familiarity and comfort at address. I’ll get to the range tomorrow and see if it helps give me some better results, especially with irons.
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