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  1. Stage 1 My name is Joe and I live in Central New Jersey. I have been playing golf since I can remember (and have been carrying my bag along the way). I am 5 handicap with a big tee game. Distance is definitely one of my strengths and my short game helps me scramble a good amount when I am missing greens. I played varsity golf in high school but chose not to play in college because I did not want to burn out from playing golf similar to how I got tired of baseball after playing it year round most of my childhood. My current golf bag is a 2015 Sun Mountain Three5. I have been using it for over 1.5 years and have really enjoyed it. While called the Three5, the bag weighs 3.9 lbs. My bag history has always been around carry/stand bags. In high school I owned and Ogio stand bag and our varsity team bags were Sun Mountain bags. After high school I had a TaylorMade stand bag and that was followed by an Adidas stand bag. I owned a Callaway HL5 stand bag for the 2014 season (worst bag I ever owned) and then switched to the Sun Mountain Three5 in December of 2014. I absolutely love walking when playing, so I always go the stand bag route. I am 32, so I am not as athletic or energetic as I used to be, so I know that having a bag that makes walking easier is extremely important for me. I have another 5-7 years before I switch over to a push cart, but even then I will still probably have a carry bag for the days I only want to walk 9. What is Important to me in a Carry Bag? Comfort/weight. A stand bag is absolutely useless to me if it is too heavy and/or the straps are not comfortable. There are stand bags out there that weigh over 5 pounds and to me they are just lightweight cart bags that happen to have a stand (which is perfect for some people and something I would probably go to when I stop carrying my bag when I get older). Functionality (pockets and club dividers). Lightweight and comfortable does not mean skimping on storage or club dividers. There are some extremely light stand bags out there that have 3 or less dividers and minimal pockets. As someone who uses their carry bag as their primary bag and not just a ‘Sunday bag,' it is vital for my bag to have 4-6 full length dividers (I absolutely hate 14-way dividers) and pockets that can hold my accessories and a windbreaker or two. Stand performance. What good is a stand bag if the stand isn't reliable. There are stand bags out there where the stand doesn't deploy consistently and/or the bag is unstable when not on level ground (Callaway HL5 I am looking at you!) My ideal stand bag has a durable stand that deploys with ease no matter if I am placing it on a cart path or on a sidehill lie next to the green. The stand also needs to retract cleanly as soon as I pick up the bag. There is nothing worse than walking down the fairway while having the stand legs hit the back of your legs! Sun Mountain Experience As I mentioned in my bag history above, I have had two Sun Mountain bags in the past and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Quality has never been an issue with any SM bag that I have owned. While I was originally selected to test the 2016 2Five bag, we were informed about two weeks ago that Sun Mountain would instead like us to test their New-for-2017 3.5LS bag. Who was I to say no to testing a pre-release bag. The 3.5LS actually weighs 3.5 lbs, unlike it's like larger predecessor the Three5. How did Sun Mountain shed nearly half a pound? They moved to a lighter fabric similar to one used on the 2Five bags (I believe it is the same material they use in their high-strength tents that have been used to climb Mt. Everest!). SM also brought over the carbon fiber legs, a slightly more compact stand mechanism, and switched to a lighter high-strength plastic for the base and top of the bag. the number of pockets is identical to the previous Three5, as is the 9.5” top. The bag has four dividers and the only difference I noticed from the previous Three5 to the 3.5LS is the top divider now goes straight across rather than being angled. The straps have been beefed up a bit so there is a more cusion on the part that rests on the shoulders, allowing for a more comfortable carry. Perhaps the biggest change I noticed with the bag? No more snap on rain hood. The rainhood on the 3.5 LS is secured with velcro hoops. I found this to be quite clever as it allowed me to adjust the fit of the rain hood rather than having to pull it tight to get the snaps to line up perfectly. The one thing I will miss is being able to use my SnapHookz bag accessory to add extra space to hang things off of the bag. The bag is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I went with the same American themed bag that I had with my Three5. Though only .5lbs lighter, it is noticeable both while empty and loaded with my gear. I straps definitely feel more comfortable than the Three5 and the cushion on the bag feels just right against my back. The strap system makes it very easy to carry with both straps as well as just using one strap for the shorter carries. From Sun Mountain (https://shop.sunmountain.com/3.5-Bag-20167-detail.html) Now onto the pictures!
  2. To answer #2, it's generally from the butt of the shaft to the point on the head where the hosel bends into the heel of the club. The picture below is of my gap wedge which is 35.5"
  3. New bag from Sun Mountain! I bet there's more on the forums about this bag in the next week or so 😉 http://m.pgatoursuperstore.com/sun-mountain-3.5-ls-stand-bag/1000000011592.jsp
  4. I've heard good things about it. Also heard that it's LOUD
  5. DST 8 iron is the only thing I've ever used without an instructor that has helped my game
  6. Today I spent about an hour in my back yard hitting birdieballs with my sand wedge and pitching wedge. Really focused on developing a better preshot routine - more time looking at the target and visualizing the shot and less time looking down at the ball. Felt like this routine allowed me to make more consistent swings that weren't focused on mechanics and instead focused on results.
  7. We have a thread asking how did you play today, but what about those days you simply worked on your game rather than played? What did you work on today?
  8. Crashed back to earth today with an 83 (+11). Went double, bogey, double on holes 3-5 but still finished front nine at +4. Back 9 was awful at +7 with 2 pars
  9. Haha I don't think I've ever taken a full swing with my lob wedge like he does!
  10. I was pin hunting on everything from 120 and in and it was glorious.
  11. After today's round I am considering lobbying my wife to name our son Vokey. Was going at pins all day with these clubs and they were a big factor in both my 15 GIRs today, and getting up and down on the greens that I did miss.
  12. New personal best +2 74! Personal best 15 greens in regulation. Was throwing darts all day. Made 3 birdies and lipped out 3 others. Had one double bogey due to being buried in the lip of a fairway bunker.
  13. Absolutely. Still struggling with downhill lag putts with it but everything else about it has been perfect!
  14. In a league I used to run free agent pickups cost 5$ and trades were a $1. Really encouraged trading
  15. Agreed. Give me trading over waiver wire any day. There's practically no skill to the waiver wire
  16. Have you hit the M2 3 or 3HL yet? I have been playing a 4 wood for the past few years but with the M2 it launches so easy off the deck that I only needed the 15*. Great off the deck and an absolute bomber off the tee. Edit: And I just noticed that you live back on the east coast now! (I thought you were still out west)
  17. Funny - I have had a similar experiences with the 850Fs. The three times I have attempted to hit them have been dreadful. Don't know why struggle finding the center of the face with them.
  18. I will take picking 10th! Sent from my App Runtime for Chrome using Tapatalk
  19. Stoked for tonight. Hoping to draft somewhere in the middle!
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