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  1. Haha I don't think I've ever taken a full swing with my lob wedge like he does!
  2. I was pin hunting on everything from 120 and in and it was glorious.
  3. After today's round I am considering lobbying my wife to name our son Vokey. Was going at pins all day with these clubs and they were a big factor in both my 15 GIRs today, and getting up and down on the greens that I did miss.
  4. New personal best +2 74! Personal best 15 greens in regulation. Was throwing darts all day. Made 3 birdies and lipped out 3 others. Had one double bogey due to being buried in the lip of a fairway bunker.
  5. Absolutely. Still struggling with downhill lag putts with it but everything else about it has been perfect!
  6. In a league I used to run free agent pickups cost 5$ and trades were a $1. Really encouraged trading
  7. Agreed. Give me trading over waiver wire any day. There's practically no skill to the waiver wire
  8. Have you hit the M2 3 or 3HL yet? I have been playing a 4 wood for the past few years but with the M2 it launches so easy off the deck that I only needed the 15*. Great off the deck and an absolute bomber off the tee. Edit: And I just noticed that you live back on the east coast now! (I thought you were still out west)
  9. Funny - I have had a similar experiences with the 850Fs. The three times I have attempted to hit them have been dreadful. Don't know why struggle finding the center of the face with them.
  10. I will take picking 10th! Sent from my App Runtime for Chrome using Tapatalk
  11. Stoked for tonight. Hoping to draft somewhere in the middle!
  12. So draft is tonight!? Awesome!
  13. Getting 16 people to agree on a time and date with this little notice ain't going to happen. I say just pick a time and date and move forward.
  14. Wasn't there a rumor going around that Odyssey was working with David Mills as well?
  15. Already posted here http://forum.mygolfspy.com/index.php?/topic/17100-Callaway-Golf-acquires-Toulon-Design-Putters
  16. I never understood using a training aid that simply shows that you are doing something wrong without actually helping you correct the issue. This really makes no sense on any level. I guess maybe some people can't tell where on the face they are missing?
  17. Huge news. http://www.golf.com/equipment/callaway-golf-acquires-toulon-design-putters By the sound of the deal, I wouldn't be surprised if Toulon Design becomes the premium line of putters. All putters will remain Odyssey putters, but the premium line (milled) will have the TD name (maybe Odyssey by Toulon Design or something similar).
  18. I know PGA SS carried them. Even select Golf Smiths carried them. I know Golf Galaxy didn't carry them in store, but you could still order through them at the store. I actually got fit into the KBS Tours when I first got the 545s. They were great performers in them. I just wanted to go lighter because I am not getting to practice/play as much and I am finally admitting that I am not as athletic as I was when I was in my 20s. I wanted something a little lighter so I wasn't laboring with my irons on the back 9. I actually got fit into the KBS Tours when I first got the 545s.
  19. I had rocketbladez for about a year and they ballooned for me as well. I actually played the 545s with Nippon 950 shafts for awhile and they launched super high, but still didnt get any ballooning except for on the short irons. I played KBS Tours, Recoil f4 125s, and Nippon 950s in the 545s before finally finding a place that had Srixon fitting equipment and fit me into the DG SL S300 S300 shafts might be the ticket for you then if you like the weight of the C Tapers.
  20. Srixon 545s on ebay are an absolute steal. 4-Pw for between $400/500. What type of shaft are you looking for? 545s are mid-high launching head with mid/low spin.
  21. Pretty much equal when you hit it solid. 545s and rsi2s maintain a bit more distance on mis hits. Stock shaft on the rsi2 is a bit lighter than the s300 in the 545s. I have the dg s300 sl in my 545s and love them. Similar flight to the s300s but 15-20 grams lighter. I forget what the stock shaft in the 850fs was
  22. First 3 pics are of 850f and z545. 850f has slightly thinner top line. Head size pretty equal. Rsi2 had similar head size but appeared slightly smaller overall
  23. I play the 545s and have demoed the other two. The 850 forged is probably the least forgiving of the bunch. Distance is extremely similar with all 3. Rsi2s performed just as good as the 545s, but the 545s felt better.
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